Why Social Media Matters for Your Massage Practice

In between client appointments, managing new protocols and keeping up with the in and out of running your practice, your time as a massage practice owner can be spread thin. Promoting yourself online these days is arguably necessary. Making time to connect with your community, online is so important so that they continue to know, like and trust you. Read on to see the benefits of social media marketing for massage practice owners.

Connect with Your People

In this day and age, staying top of mind is critical and posting on your chosen social page with regularity is an easy way to stay connected. Keep track of new followers, like or comment on one of their posts as soon as you can after they follow your business. Encourage your community to interact with your business too. For example, post an image of your massage practice’s essential oil options, and ask your followers to comment their favorite essential oil combo. Remember, people are following and watching your feed even if they’re not commenting all the time. Encouraging these kinds of discussions can make your business seem more personal, and can help you foster community.

Inspire New Connections

Don’t forget about potential clients! Be sure to create content that will inform them of who you are, what you do and why they should come in for a massage. For example, post images of your relaxing space, highlight your services, and promote your massage therapist’s experience within your posts. Content you post for potential clients should also include a special or promotion that will encourage them to contact your business. For example, 10% off a first massage, a free 15 minute upgrade, or a discounted massage package.

Builds Brand Authority and Trustworthiness

Building your massage practice's brand is an important piece of the marketing puzzle. By posting brand-focused social media posts, you show prospective customers what you're all about, and you increase trustworthiness in your business. Think about it. When you're researching a new hair salon, gym, or other service-based business, you may look online for reviews and other information you can use when deciding whether or not you trust that business. Having active social media pages are a great way to build trust and show that you're a professional business that cares about its reputation. You can even feature positive reviews and testimonials on your social profiles so that your new followers can get a better idea of your massage practice.

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