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Dudes Get Massage Too!

Massage just isn't what it used to be. It's no longer a treat reserved for special occasions, trips to fancy spas, or a girl's weekend. In today’s world, massage serves as prevention and recovery for stress, injury and overall health. As such, we’re excited to see that men are incorporating it into their wellness routines more than ever. If you’ve yet to experience the benefits,, here are a few ways massage might serve you:

1. Workout performance and recovery

Too much of anything, even very good things, isn’t actually much good at all. That intense marathon training, seemingly harmless daily workouts and even minor, repetitive movements involved in everyday work need to be balanced with some recovery time, or else you might end up with an injury.

While healthy muscles gradually build strength, tension, which is usually caused by misuse and/or overuse, often leads to injury and further misuse of the body- all resulting in pain. To avoid these aches, pains and injuries we need to give ourselves recovery time – this is where massage has a role! Many of us wait for the onset of pain and discomfort to seek therapeutic work of any sort, but the trick is to maintain and prevent. Therapeutic Deep Massage combined with Sports Massage techniques work to relax tension and lengthen your body's tissues and muscle, so you can spend less time recovering, and more time working on your gains!

2. Less Stress, More Hustle

We're so used to always being 'on', these days, that disconnecting- actually doing less- takes immense effort. This ability to disconnect offers the balance we need to keep on track and maintain our mental and physical health. When we're going, going, going and not giving ourselves time to fully relax, burnout is imminent. Just like our bodies need recovery from constant movement, our minds need a moment away from its ever-spinning wheel to just check out. Our brains use twenty percent of our energy, after all – the most of any organ in the body! When you're talking terms of recovery from injury and burnout, taking an hour or two to relieve, both, our minds AND our bodies is all of a sudden not so bad, eh? The added benefit is that, in giving ourselves times to restore, we actually become more productive with less effort than we'd had to exert when we're burnt out and , and with less effort! You might even consider relaxation a “muscle” of its own kind.

3. Work hard, Play Hard(er)

You’re probably on board with the mantra of “work hard,play hard”. Play is the way to balance life with work, right?? While that’s true, your body doesn't entirely know the difference between work and play. Sure, you’re brain chemistry is different when you’re working V. playing BUT movement is movement, and movement takes energy. When we're working all week and playing hard all weekend, our bodies have,literally, no time to rest. Allowing yourself to melt on the massage table for an hour or two can optimize your relaxation time, allowing you more time to get your party on without setting you up for burn out!


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