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There's a lot of talk these days about charging up, turning on and optimizing every aspect of your life. There are the meetings, the games, the practices, the homework and the long nights spent churning out work projects or preparing for presentations. All of that can make it seem like slowing down is not an option. That’s especially true when you’re a busy dad or you have a hard time unplugging from work. However, the secret to leveling up is the exact opposite of the “overcharged” strategy. Sometimes you have to learn to be still before you can rev up. A massage helps you get in that...


Creatives and entrepreneurs are full of passion, inspiration, and spirit, but they can also spend a massive amount of time at their chosen pursuits. The amount of time and effort spent chasing their goals can lead to high levels of stress- stress that can multiply when a writer or painter hits a creative block or, an entrepreneur runs into a rough patch with his or her business.

If you find yourself in this situation, these can be stressful times. Stress can present itself as insomnia, headaches, and other side effects that can affect your hustle. While lifestyle changes such as...


Far too often, athletes with a love of working out, cycling, or running have to take a break when unexpected injuries take them out of the game—sometimes permanently in worst-case scenarios. Professional massage, as simple as it may sound, can prevent serious injuries and keep you in the game for the long haul.

Contrary to what some may think, massage isn’t just for relaxation Olympic athletes. Workout warriors, cyclists, and runners all experience aches, pains, sensations, and stiffness that can be alleviated with massage. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or consider...


If you’re expecting, your body is going through a lot of changes. Regardless of what trimester you’re in, you’re probably starting to notice new and different body sensations, aches and even pains.

In addition to physical body stressors, you’re also having to manage the mental stress of adjusting to such a big life change. Pregnancy presents you with a new reality which may require you to make adjustments to your external circumstances and plan for the future in a whole new way.

During this time of transition, prenatal massage can serve as a nourishing activity to aid your...

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If you’re a dancer or you participate in yoga or Pilates, you’re already on the right track to taking care of your mind and body. These activities promote wellness through conscious, expressive movements, and strengthen muscles helping you to feel stronger, more flexible and more connected to your body.

The possible stiffness and soreness that can result after a “good” workout can be alleviated with massage. Complimenting your movement therapy with monthly massage is a great way to keep your body supply and in alignment keeping all you dance, yoga, and Pilates enthusiasts feeling...


For most of us, loving our bodies is something we must consciously choose, and it can take time to reverse what could be a whole lifetime of criticism. Whether we like it or not, we live in a competitive world where beauty is highly valued. Growing up, our bodies are often subject to scrutiny by our family, friends, and love interests. We’re told we need to be skinnier, thicker, or stronger.

Aside from our appearance, our bodies are also subject to our lifestyles and the ways we often fall short of honoring them. We may work jobs that take a toll on our bodies and...


It’s a common practice to set goals and the beginning of a new year. It feels like an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to make a positive impact on the world around us while becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier than we were the year before.

Unfortunately, when trying to achieve these new goals, many people find themselves in a fight with…well, themselves. If you beat yourself up for your shortcomings, it becomes even harder to bounce back and achieve what you originally set out to achieve.

There is a smarter way to go about setting goals and...


With the holiday season quickly approaching, many find themselves overwhelmed. Shopping lists, party planning, school and work events, not to mention family can be stressful. Counteract your seasonal stress this year, by practicing gratitude. Celebrate the small things that bring you joy. Practice shifting your perspective to give yourself a more positive, balanced mindset.

1.Celebrate Your Community

Who’s lifted you up recently? Who in your life are you grateful for? Think of someone valuable in your life- thank them, shower them with...

the power of community

Even if you’re an independent person who doesn't ask for support (very often), nothing beats having someone in your corner when times get tough. At Vita Wellness, we take great pride in our community and we want our clients to have the energy and confidence to thrive within their respective communities as well. Let's take a closer look at why community is so important.

Empower YourSelf with Massage

Learning to Love Who We Are The statistics are alarming. The majority of U.S. women--some estimate more than 80 percent--are unhappy with their appearance. At least 10 million young women, and 1 million young men have an eating disorder. Girls as young as 6 and 7 are expressing disapproval of their looks, and most fourth-grade girls are already diet veterans. Most unsettling is the fact that more women, and girls, fear becoming fat than they do dying.

Combating the Images How do you see yourself? Are you content with the person looking back at you...