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Let's create businesses that build stronger, more diverse communities resulting in real change

I'm committed to building a values based business

As one of my mentors, Kelly Diels, says, this "means connecting the dots between our culture and our practices...and deciding to do things differently. Tiny acts of doing-it-differently can produce significant cultural change."

Joyful Living. I practice embracing myself, others and the world just as we all are. I can hold it all- the beautiful, the messy, the tragic and traumatic and still move forward in life.

Body Positivity. Bodies manifest in all shapes and sizes and I aim to foster an environment which is inclusive and loving of all figures and abilities. All bodies are worthy of love, no matter what.

Not Neutral. We must work for a more just & equitable world. I support organizations and programs fighting for social justice. I am committed to un-learning racism and my own internal biases. A few (of the many) resources that have supported me on my journey are AWARE-LA, Anti-Racism Daily and the local chapter of SURJE: Showing Up for Racial Justice

Accessibility. I strive to make my services accessible to as many folks as possible. From payment plans, to preferential pricing to providing free services (limited) , I am continually refining ways in which I can create a sustainable business for myself that is accessible to folks across the financial spectrum.

Sustainability. This is the only planet we have. From recycling to growing my own food to 'going paperless,' I am committed to finding ways to decrease my footprint in and outside my business.