• For Massage Therapists

The Business Accelerator: Marketing

Education, community and VIP coaching to take your dream massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality

What if I told you you could go from frazzled & overwhelmed to feeling confident & decisive about marketing your Massage practice?

What if you could create a solid marketing strategy for your massage practice and, follow an actionable plan that shows you step-by-step how to actually manifest it in the world? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Consider the following...

  • How much time have you spent tirelessly hustling to get new clients on your massage table?
  • How much time have you spent trying to market your massage practice with lack-luster results?
  • How much time have you spent feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to decide what to focus on first to really grow your practice?

More time than you want to admit?

The scariest part is, is that if this behavior continues, you'll end up having to work at the spa forever or, quit massage entirely. And one day you'll think back and ask yourself, "what would it really have taken for me to grow my dream practice?"

Trust me. I UNDERSTAND because I was you. I was overwhelmed and misinformed about what it would really take to market and grow a profitable massage practice. I was spinning my wheels about what to do first and not taking action on the things that really mattered (it's so much more than just promotion!).

I was getting to the point where I didn't know if I should practice massage anymore but, I desperately didn't want to give up on the massage practice I put SO much blood, sweat and tears into! It was in that moment, at that crossroad, that I decided something had to change.

I reached out for help and realized I had been focusing on all the wrong things. What I needed to focus on was strengthening my business savviness. I realized that if I wanted to reach my goals, it was no longer about becoming a better massage therapist; reaching my goals was about becoming a better businesswoman.

I couldn't afford to hire an expensive business coach or programs. I needed something that was affordable, educational, community oriented and of course, I wanted all of this, ultimately to help me make reliable income from practicing massage.

Over the last few years...

I've figured out a way to bring exactly this- business education, community and coaching- to other ambitious, women, massage therapists. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and created a bold, new take on a 'boring ole' business fundamental because,

  • I believe that all women can become business savvy
  • I believe that we can all be successful doing what we love
  • I believe that all women deserve to grow a massage practice that gives them the freedom they desire

You got into massage because you're passionate about your craft. Don't letting running your business burn you out!

What is this?

The Business Accelerator: Marketing, is a four-week, online course offering business education + community + VIP coaching so you can take your dream massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality. We will dive deep into the first business fundamental, Marketing. This is Part 1 of a four-part business education series.

You'll be guided, step-by-step, from frazzled & overwhelmed to feeling confident & decisive about marketing your massage practice.

Through the self-paced business course, you’ll learn the purpose of a marketing mix and how to create your own personalized mix to fit your unique practice. More importantly, you’ll deepen your understanding of how each piece of the marketing mix works together to keep your calendar booked and your income reliable. You’ll come to understand how powerful a solid and deeply understood marketing mix strengthens and energizes your massage practice like nothing else can.

Weekly, we’ll come together as a group to create a mindset for success with LIVE, online, group coaching calls. This dynamic group-call is your opportunity to quiet your unsettled and restless, 'monkey-mind' while discussing the emotional side of growing a business.

You'll also have the support and camaraderie you need to bring your massage-vision into reality, with immediate and ongoing access to a like-minded community of ambitious, women massage therapists. The result of this course, coupled with a bright, lively community results in a solid marketing plan to grow the massage practice of your dreams!

Course Highlights:

  • Fully explain the power and purpose of Marketing in your business (beyond Promotion)
  • Discover what practical action steps you can take today to edge you closer to your ideal massage practice
  • Apply this fundamental directly to YOUR unique massage practice by identifying your quintessential client, declaring your specialty, pricing your services and promoting yourself in a unique and creative way
  • Tackle self-sabotaging thinking with our LIVE, weekly coaching calls
  • Create/polish your own self-care routine so you can take care of yourself while creating something in the world

    What You Get:

    • Business Education:
    • -Lifetime access to the Marketing e-course
    • -5+ Modules of video lessons focused on Marketing; what marketing really entails, how each piece works together and how it relates to YOUR unique practice
    • -Learn anywhere, on any device at any time (with internet)
    • Mindset & Emotional Resiliency:

    • -4 - LIVE, group, coaching calls to discuss the emotional side of business (I call it 'monkey mind')
    • -All recorded and available for replay at anytime
    • Inner Circle:
    • Private, online, sisterhood community, facilitated by Autumn, to engage in uplifting conversations and Q&A in order to support one another along the way

    • Accountability:
    • Worksheets, downloads and resources for practical application and reflection
      • Self-Care Tool-Kit:
      • Preferential pricing for other wellness practitioners offering digital wellness content including Pilates, meal-planning, plant medicine & yoga

    • ​Direct Access:
    • Email & chat access to Autumn throughout the four-week course
    • BONUS:My "Top 5 ​Recommended Readings" list for business inspiration, strategy and success​
    • BONUS:
    • Preferential pricing & immediate access to all three of the remaining business modules that make-up the 4-part Business Accelerator curriculum, coming in Spring, 2020.​

    You'll experience:

    • A sense of camaraderie as we take a deep dive, together, understanding this business fundamental: Marketing. No more feeling like a lone wolf
    • A sense of inspiration as we breath fresh life into a 'boring ole business fundamental'
    • A sense of clarity as you gain a deeper understanding about marketing concepts and how they can actually benefit and support an income you can rely on

    Common questions, answered

    How does this work?
    The course and community are all online. You will have access to TWO, separate, online platforms: Namastream and Mighty Networks. In the Namastream platform, on the course start date, you will have immediate access to the entire course materials. All video lessons and live-stream coaching calls will happen within the same Namstream portal; you will connect with the online community in a seperate platform called, Mighty Networks.
    Do I need anything special to access the course?
    Just your computer and an internet connection. You'll need your Namastream log in details that you created when you purchased the course (laptop/desktop recommended).
    How much time would I need to commit?
    The more time you commit, the more you'll get out of it! On average, to really begin to dive in and understand the material, you'll want to commit to a couple hours each week for the entire 4 week course. You get to choose your level of participation with the online community and coaching calls.