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The Brilliant Business Bundle

Massage business education, VIP coaching and community to take your dream massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality

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What if you could feel confident & decisive about growing your massage practice?

Would you take action to support your dreams?

  • Feeling confident in your business decision-making skills
  • Learning how to working smarter not harder
  • Feeling connected during your entrepreneurial journey instead of isolated and alone
  • Feeling empowered with step-by-step business guidance to accelerate your success
  • Learning from a massage therapist who's been where you've been

how much time have you spent

  • Hustling to get new clients on your massage table?
  • Worrying if you'll be able to pay your bills?
  • Trying to promote your massage practice with lack-luster results?
  • Feeling frustrated & overwhelmed figuring out what to focus on first?

More time than you want to admit?! The scariest part is, if this behavior continues, you'll end up having to work at the spa forever or, quit massage entirely because you're burned out! And one day you'll think back and ask yourself, "what could I have done differently to grow my practice?"

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This six-week, online course offers business education + VIP coaching + access to a like-minded community so you can take your massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality.

You'll be guided, step-by-step, from feeling frazzled & overwhelmed to confident & decisive about growing your massage practice. This course will show you how to organize your massage-business life and show you tangible strategies to grow a sustainable practice efficiently. All with the intention of giving you back your time and increasing your income in the process.

we'll cover some of the biggest hurdles when it comes to growing your practice:

  • Business Education: Two core business fundamentals, Marketing and The Power of Numbers discussed in depth. Coupled together, these courses provide a powerful framework that will deepen your business knowledge, helpp you organize your thinking and elevate your skill-set around marketing & finances
  • Strategy Calls: Live, weekly coaching sessions with Autumn to discuss everything from your next steps + time management tips + to untangling limiting beliefs
  • Mindset Module: Offers insight on the most common "stinking thinking" that keeps success elusive and mindset strategies on how to move forward with strengthened resilience
  • Private Community: You'll also have the support and camaraderie you need to bring your massage-vision into reality, with immediate and ongoing access to a like-minded community of ambitious, women massage therapists.

 get different results in your massage practice!

You'll Learn How To:

  • Create a marketing plan for your practice that's authentic and "non-salesy"
  • Strengthen your understanding of business financials and how it can propel your success
  • Project start-up costs, income, expenses and revenue goals to meet your definition of success
  • Discover practical action steps you can take today to create an online presence that "wows"
  • Tackle self-sabotaging thinking with our LIVE, weekly coaching calls
  • Elevate your self-care routine so you can create something wonderful in the world
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You'll experience:

  • A sense of camaraderie as you strengthen your understanding of business fundamentals with other like-minded individuals. No more feeling like a lone wolf.
  • A sense of inspiration as we breath fresh life into a 'boring ole business fundamentals'.
  • A sense of clarity as you gain a deeper understanding about marketing & financial concepts and how they can actually benefit and support an income you can rely on.
  • A sense of new-found confidence as you challenge your "tech-timid" ideas and learn new skills to propel you forward.

Trust me. I UNDERSTAND because I was you.

I was overwhelmed and misinformed about what it would really take to grow a profitable massage practice. I was spinning my wheels about what to do first and not taking action on the things that really mattered (it's so much more than just promotion!).

I wasn't making enough money and I was getting to the point where I was doubting this career move. But I desperately didn't want to give up on the massage practice I had put SO much blood, sweat and tears into! It was in that moment that I decided something had to change. I couldn't do this alone anymore!

I reached out for help. I couldn't afford to hire an expensive business coach or program, but I tapped into my community resources and found a business mentor I could trust and count on. She didn't judge me on what I didn't know. She introduced me to business fundamentals and the power behind educating myself on how they could propel the success of my business.

I quickly learned I had been focusing on all the wrong things. What I needed to focus on was strengthening my business savviness. I realized that if I wanted to reach my goals, it was no longer about becoming a better massage therapist; reaching my goals was about becoming a better businesswoman.

Over the last couple years...

I've figured out a way to create the program I wish I'd had starting out! The Brilliant Business Bundle brings together core business education, customized live coaching, community and a host of tech tutorials to launch you into action towards success.

  • I believe that all women can become business savvy
  • I believe that we can all be successful doing what we love
  • I believe that all women deserve to grow a massage practice that gives them the freedom they desire

You got into massage because you're passionate about your craft. Don't letting running your business burn you out!

all the details:

Business Education: Access to the Marketing course: step by step, on-demand lessons focused on helping you identify your ideal client, price your services and determine your unique spark

-Access to the Power of Numbers course: step by step, on-demand lessons defining the most important financial pieces to consider when growing your practice. Learn how to project start up costs, track your income + expenses and how each of these pieces works together to support your success

-Learn anywhere, on any device at any time (with internet)

Mindset Education: On-demand lessons covering the most common "stinking thinking" that keeps success elusive plus, mindset strategies to move forward with strengthened resilience

Strategy Calls: LIVE, weekly, group, coaching calls to discuss your next steps+ diversifying your services + how to bust through overwhelm + time management skill building (all recorded and available for replay at anytime)

Private, Online Community: Facilitated by Autumn to engage in uplifting conversations and support with other like-minded folks (not FB!)

    Accountability: Worksheets, templates and resources for guidance, practical application and reflection to keep you taking consistent action

    Self-Care Tool-Kit: Preferential pricing for other wellness practitioners offering digital wellness content including Pilates, meal-planning, plant medicine & yoga to help you get and stay balanced

    Direct Access: Email & chat access to Autumn throughout the entire course (Mon-Fri)

    BONUS: Critique Call- submit your personal work (website design + social media page) for review and feedback

    BONUS: Social Media Savviness course: 30 days of social media prompts to help you find your authentic voice, online

    BONUS: Quick Start Guides: on-demand lessons on how to take your practice virtual plus, how to set up your first, local FB AD and more!

BONUS: Preferential pricing to the remaining business modules (Systems & Growth Strategy) that make-up the 4-part Business Accelerator curriculum, coming 2021.

    The Brilliant Business Bundle

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    • limited time offer

    How It Works:

    • The course is hosted/offered on an online platform called Namastream. When you click the Enroll Now buttons, you'll be asked to (create an account on the course platform) as you move through the checkout process. This is the same place/account that you will then access all the Brilliant Business Bundle course content when it becomes available.
    • October 5th: You'll receive an email detailing your next steps to prep and prepare for the course (including a course schedule, instructions on how to access the course, join a coaching call etc)
    • October 12th: You'll receive immediate access to the entire online course and all materials. You are welcome to work through the material at your own pace
    • The LIVE, weekly coaching calls will be scheduled for either every Monday or Friday (alternating). All calls are recorded and available for replay at your convenience

    Common questions, answered

    How does this work?
    The course and community are all online. You will have access to TWO, separate, online platforms: Namastream and the online community. In the Namastream platform, on the course start date (October 12th), you will have immediate access to the entire course material. All video lessons and live-stream coaching calls will happen within the same Namastream portal; you will connect with the online community in a separate platform.
    Do I need anything special to access the course?
    Just your computer and an internet connection. You'll need your Namastream log in details that you created when you purchased the course (laptop/desktop recommended).
    How much time would I need to commit?
    The more time you commit, the more you'll get out of it! On average, to really begin to dive in and understand the material, you'll want to commit to a couple hours each week. You get to choose your level of participation with the online community and coaching calls.
    I'm a little tight for cash right now. Do you offer payment plans?
    If money is the only think keeping you from signing up, I'm happy to offer you a payment plan option. Email me at autumn@vitawellnessmassage.com