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🥪His & Her Sandwhich🥪 ... Making lunch is a radical form of self care💜 ... ➡️What’s in your lunch box? ... Something as simple as packing a lunch really helped me get into healthier eating. No more, “I’m starving, what’s closest?”. With a little planning and awareness, my eating habits have changed for the better! ... #sandwich #healthyhabits #mealprep #selfcare #massagetherapist #massagetherapistlife

✨Healthy Habit✨ In order for me to generally, stay sane 🤣 and also, as a massage therapist, be able to really support you, I’ve got to take good care of myself ... 👏One way I do this is by starting my day (most days) with some quiet contemplation- my morning ritual. I’ve done this for years... And it’s looked very different over time; It’s always been simple- nothing fancy. ... Ganesh (pictured: the remover of obstacles) used to sit a top this small alter I once had. Did my quiet time there for a while. 💗Now, sometimes I read uplifting literature, other days I just drink my coffee; some days I just look out the window at the world. What’s that quote? “The best meditation is the one you’ll do.” 🙏LOVE THIS ... ➡️How do you take time? Do you have an am ritual? Comment below ... #healthyhabit #selfcare #meditation #morningritual #massagetherapists #massagetherapistlife

✨Healthy Habit✨Turning this kabocha squash +garlic + Thai chilies into a Thai green curry 🍛 ... YUM 😋 ... Full recipe at #seriouseats | search: pressure-cooker-thai-green-chicken-curry ... #massagetherapistlife #massagetherapists #massagetherapistlifestyle #healthyhabits #healthyeatinghabits #selfcare #realfood #freshfood

Why are these business fundamentals important? Each fundamental can been seen as a particular 'lens' through which to view your practice. These core components ... ⚡️provide a framework to organize your business thoughts (and life) 🔥allows you to see how each fundamental supports the other ⭐️provides direction so you can create a practical strategy to grow your dream massage practice ... ➡️Boost your business confidence with the FREE Ebook: Make More Money Faster with 4 Simple Shifts:

🚨 Behind the scenes resource alert🚨 This is one of my go-to resources to help YOU (clients/friends) feel better. It discusses common injuries and pain patterns (that y’all describe before your session😃) all in simple description and terms (not a bunch of hard-to-read-science lingo). ... 🔅I highly recommend this book! ➡️Clients & friends: be proactive in your own care. ➡️Massage therapists: learn quick & easy tests to assist your clients in determining their injury location 📕purchase on amazon ... #healthyhabits #massagetherapist #massagetherapists #massagelife #massagecoach #massagementor #feelbetter #selfcare

These Adorable Pictures Capture the Moment an Awestruck Squirrel Stopped to Admire Some Flowers

These photos of a ground squirrel admiring some Austrian flowers are probably guaranteed to turn any frown upside down.

🌼Feel good news that makes ya go, awwwww: "While it might look like the squirrel is simply taking the time to appreciate the foliage, the squirrel was in fact on the hunt for the tastiest blossom of the bunch."

💗Gratitude💗 At the risk of sounding dramatic.... massage has changed my life! ➡️How about you? How has massage changed YOU? ... Over a decade ago I went to trade school. Here I thought, ‘sure, I wanna be my own boss, sounds good’. Massage school, however, ended up being a catalyst for massive self-improvement. I often say, if I had know then, just how much personal growth I ‘would have to’ undergo as a result of school (and the whole entrepreneurship thang), I never would have done it🤣 ... Of course, now, I can’t imagine it any other way. I’m oh so grateful for all the lessons learned. One of the biggest lessons learned...I have got to✨GET BACK INTO MY BODY✨outta my head, into my body. HOW? Any way possible. Dance, massage, garden, cook, swim, walk, play hide and seek, what ever feels good! MOVE THYSELF. And, as a result, I’m more authentic, connected and open hearted💗I may not have thought I needed to get back into my body then, but I sure do THRIVE, as a result of doing so now. 🙏🙏🙏 #massage #massagetherapist #massagetherapists #massagetherapistlife #grateful

✨The simple things✨Single rose bloom on a bush in front of my house...brought a smile to my face this am ... #flowers #massagetherapists #massagetherapistlife #simplethings #gratitude #nature

One of the most common questions I get asked is, 'what does is REALLY take to grow a massage practice?' For me, I've had to strengthen three areas of my life in order to meet my definition of success (and they're all a works-in-progress!)🔥 ✏️Business Savviness: I hired a business coach who taught me how small business works and how it could work for me **hint: it's not JUST about promoting yourself** 😀Emotional Resilience: entrepreneurship is a roller coaster and I had to learn how to manage my emotions 💛Self care: I can't create something in this world (and then give you a massage) if I'm burned out and not caring for myself ... This work will probably never really be done, but I'm stronger now more than ever. ➡️Boost your business confidence with my FREE Ebook: Make More Money, Faster:

✨Healthy habit✨ Take a walk in nature. You never know what you might find💗💗💗 ... No hiking this time, just a gentle walk on a neighborhood nature trail. ... Three things: 1) this very large rock-heart was a sweet reminder that while there’s plenty to feel overwhelmed by, there’s also some light✨✨Sometimes I don’t even have to go looking for it. 2) I usually like to, ya know, work hard, play hard. Recently, I’ve been practicing a slow-your-roll approach. Adopting the ‘What if I can still move my body, take care of myself and get sh*t done without burnout?!’😮now there’s a thought🤣 3) it was actually cloudy and cool and I actually had to put a flannel on😱 ... #reallife #massagetherapists #massagetherapist #massagetherapistlife #massagecoach #nature #selfcare #wonder

🌵mini adventure time🌵so I decided to mix it up... you know, last minute. I saw the trailhead and decided to go. No biggie, right? I‘m committed to finding new nature scapes and places for me to play since the weather is oh so nice 👍 ... Lessons learned from the spontaneity➡️ *don’t depend on the hiking app alone. Look at a real map ahead of time and know the surroundings (at least generally!) *bring a camelback so I don’t have to carry the dang water bottle *wear my dust approved shoes (fo real) *lean into the ‘oh my gosh I’m out here alone, so tiny in this nature trail’ feels *just because I don’t see another ‘hiker’ (cause I don’t really deserve that title), doesn’t mean I’m on a ‘wrong’ trail (just feels SO weird cause there’s SO many people everywhere out here 🤣) ... Often times, all I have to do is go somewhere new in my own backyard to quell that travel-bug...seriously. ... ✨When you’re not massaging, business building or you’re just doing your work thang, what brings a sense of newness and adventure to your life?✨ ... #massagetherapistlife #massagetherapistlifestyle #massagelife #massagecoach #adventure #selfcare #recharge #massagementor #whenimnotworking

✨Transition✨ I can get on overload reading #massage business blogs, books and resources. Sometimes I just need a break- mix it up in the most-est of ways ... Ain’t nothing like a ‘mix it up’ read that takes me FAR away from massage everything than an in depth look at this icon- her bio, the symbolism of her work, her legacy❤️ ... ➡️what are you reading to take a break from your business brain? Comment below! ... #massagetherapists #massagetherapistlife #reading #fridakahlo #massagelife #massagementor

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This Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for a reunion with the man who saved its life

Each year Din Din spends approximately eight months with Joao and is believed to spend the rest of the time breeding off the coast of Argentina and Chile.

Some good news for you: "I think the penguin believes Joao is part of his family and probably a penguin as well. When he sees him he wags his tail like a dog and honks with delight.”