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🍂walking in the rain🍁since it’s not pouring, and just a gentle sprinkle, I enjoy this. ... Colors pop. Everything is quenched. There is a quiet. ... Just the seemingly tiniest things in nature help me feel so grounded ... and, btw, this is just around my neighborhood, not some big, fancy nature outing 😀 ... ▶️How will u ground and center today? Enjoy!✨ ... #massagetherapistlife #nature #simplethings #walkingaround #getoutside

🥬slow-mo of my garden, yo😂🥬 ... LOOK AT THOSE BABIES. Itty bitty #kale and #lettuce ... AND IT RAINED AGAIN! Fresh water for the plants🌱 They’re all perky—- sshhhmmoooo ... YUM + 💛 ... How does your garden grow?

🙌 Tell me, when it comes to identifying your ideal client, creating your massage-services menu or promoting your practice, what is most challenging? ... 🤷What's the one thing that, if you knew, you believe it could really help transform your massage practice? What burning questions or issues do you struggle with when growing your practice? ... 💎DM me your questions- let's get you answers!!!

BE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, NOT BY YOURSELF Looking to grow a heart-centered massage practice? Vita provides the essentials you need to grow your massage practice in a curated and supportive environment. Facility is fully furnished and includes 3 rooms w/ natural light + bathroom + kitchenette + reception area. Located in a professional complex with free + large parking lot ->Shared Room: as low as $250/month | annual commitment, no exceptions.

💛Friends💛Love this guy! So glad for the day-trip visit in Manhattan Beach ... Old roomie, salsa-dancing partner, travel partner and bestie. So glad you’re in my life @atxmitch 🙌🙌🙌

✨ The Power of Community✨ Collaborating together has been pivotal to my success. First, I got a coach; then I created a wellness-tribe; then I joined an online mastermind course. Every person, team & colleague has helped me get to where I am today. I couldn't do it alone. My communities help me push through resistance, obstacles and sometimes, even more importantly, helps me celebrate my successes. ... With my brand new My Business Accelerator: Marketing course, you'll be connected with a like minded community of ambitious, women massage therapists all striving to do better and create something wonderful in the world. Let US help you get to where you dream of going in 2020 ... A few things you’ll gain: 🌟A sense of camaraderie as we take a deep dive, together, exploring how this business fundamental, marketing, can be fun and come alive in your unique practice 🌟A sense of inspiration as we breath fresh life into a 'boring ole business fundamental' 🌟A sense of clarity as you gain a deeper understanding about marketing concepts and how they can actually benefit and support you making reliable income ... Let's create something wonderful together💛 ... **Full details on the web** Course Enrollment Starts: Dec 16th Course Start Date: January 6th

💫Holiday wreath💫 Today, instead of my regularly scheduled Wed work-morning, I was festive and made a holiday wreath! First time crafting like this💥Thanks #laarboretum!!! ... Admittedly, I am amazed that my massage lifestyle has enabled me to scratch my ‘regular schedule’ for something creative. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop while simultaneously embracing it-lol. In gratitude...💚 ... Holiday cheer? OKAY✨✨ ... However u choose to celebrate this season, enjoy! ... #massagelife #massagetherapistlife #massagetherapistlifestyle

A Meditation on How We Meet Endings - Mindful

By drawing our attention to endings and our developed habits about the way we meet endings, we can learn how to step fully into our lives with appreciation and gratitude, says Frank Ostaseski.

Healthy Habit: As the year draws to a close...a timely read on the power of endings. Endings as simple as leaving work and finishing a meal, to ending relationships and end of life. "The way that we end something shapes the way the next thing begins. When we hang on to the past, it limits our capacity to welcome the new...The study of endings is a beautiful way to step fully into our lives." ... I can't say I've been 'great' on endings (aka change) however, I've learned that the more I lean into the discomfort of it all, the closer and more present I've felt to the individuals and experiences that have 'ended'. And feeling connected to each other, experiences and places is what it's all about, isn't it?💙

⭐️ Identify your IDEAL client and create a solid marketing plan that speaks to THEM directly!⭐️ This January, we're taking a deep dive, together, into biz-fundamental numero uno, Marketing. ... "snooze," you say, "sounds boring. {insert your excuse here}" ... But what if I told you we could make marketing fun, informative and inspiring, together? I've created a bold new take on a 'boring, biz fundamental' and this is YOUR invitation to join... ... 🔥Needed: 10 ambitious, women, massage therapists who want to polish your marketing skills with biz education + soul-sister community with like-minded women + VIP coaching to create a mindset for success! ... ⚡️Full details available on the web. DM me with all your questions⚡️

🦡zoo adventure🦡one last #Texasholiday fun-time before I get back to massaging and telling you all about my 💥new, online, biz education-course and community💥 ... Randomly went to the Houston #Zoo. Saw this anteater- they are SO freakin cool!!! ... All the animals were out and about (I’m assuming because it was an incredibly cool, crisp and beautiful day- which, those words never go together in the same sentence as ‘Houston’😂 ... Anywho, fun times had by all. I especially appreciated how the descriptions of the animals discussed some of the stories of the animal’s rescue and their return to health. ... End of holiday fun🤣 ... #healthyhabits #texasholiday #massagetherapistlife #whenimnotmassaging

💛🦙llamas💛 ... A few years ago, I took a trip to Peru & fell in love with llamas (and alpacas) ... Whenever I see one in the ‘wild’ I will go CRA. ... And actually, I have found them in the wild. My friend Mitch and I were taking a road less traveled on that Peru trip and we came upon a llama secret garden. I AM NOT KIDDING. My life was forever changed. ... The end. ... #whenimnotmassaging #llamas #massagetherapistlife

✨Family part two✨ what better way to wrap up a holiday weekend than to put on century-specific costumes for the Renaissance Fair! ... And yes, this will be our holiday photo this year and yes, that’s my pa, ma and husband (left to right) ... What a bunch of clowns🙌 ... Why was the day so great? Because I learned a new word ‘wench’ (I dressed up as a wench; as a verb ‘wenching so hard’-lol); I got my face painted (see stories); ate a funnel cake; saw the falcon show, llama, and the (horrible) jousting show🤣and of course saw other fabulous costumes! What a day! And no, we’ve never done this before as a family. ... Husband’s family goes every year and my mother-in-law makes these beautiful costumes (not pictured) ... What fun and random activities did you do this holiday weekend? ... #whenimnotmassaging #massagetherapistlifestyle #texasholiday #texasrenfest

🔆H.E.B🔆one of the things I miss most about #Texas life. I AM NOT KIDDING #realtalk ... I no longer just go to ONE magnificent grocery store (out in LA) and get everything I need on my grocery list😱Why does HEB not exist in California- you’re killing me (insert dramatic voice) ... It’s a damn shame and H.E.B, we miss you so 🤣 ... #whenimnotmassaging #massagelife #massagelifestyle #massagetherapistslife #massagetherapistlife #texasholiday

40 fun finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

The funniest animal photos of 2019. What's your favourite?

Feel good news for ya..."This cheerful collection of wildlife photos...form part of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards—a quirky photography competition specializing in hilarious wildlife snaps." No way to not laugh seeing these photos and their captions. Mama nature be amazing!🐧🐼🐄🐿️

✨Adventure Time, #Texas Time✨ ... Rare sighting of hubby on IG....and always with that face, though...🤣 ... Even quick family trips are filled with adventure... here we had a good heart to heart with our Uber driver. Good people everywhere💜

💚Family💚 This old photo, taken at least 5 years ago, always makes everyone in my family laugh out loud so hard ... 👀Look closely at the matriarch waving the bayonet in the kitchen while the rest of us stuff our face. What IS she doing?!!! Oh nana... we miss you so...We will all tell this story and laugh out butts off, till the end of time✨ ... This is (part of) my family. And gawd damn I love them so💚💚💚💚 ... @elias.bobbi @sweetpeacassidy ... #gratitude #family #memories #love

Doubling Down on Love | Brené Brown

I’ve been offline and in struggle since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. At first I thought it was a combination of physical and spiritual exhaustion, or maybe low grade cultural despair with a side of burnout. I tried to combat the strange sense of emptiness with more work and more grind.

Healthy Habit: So much this. "Doubling down on love demands that we be brave enough to straddle the tension of staying awake to the struggle in the world and fighting for justice and peace, while also cultivating a love ethic in our own lives. We can’t sacrifice the micro for the macro, or the macro for the micro. Love, belonging, connection and joy are irreducible needs for all of us. We can’t give people what we don’t have. We have to live love to give love."❤️ Happy holiday. May we be grateful and cultivate love. Read on: Doubling Down on Love

⚡️one pot meals⚡️ totally my favorite way to cook, cause...I’m a lazy chef😂But I love me some colorful food that’s healthy and easy! Who’s with me? ... This colorful palate turned into arroz con pollo. 😋 YUM. See below for recipe ... 🔆Rant: because I’m a lazy chef, I also do not apresh having to read (aka scroll super fast) through a whole life-story-blog about why you love this plate🤷‍♀️ ... 🔥INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs chicken thighs and drumsticks kosher salt & pepper 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 yellow onion, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 1 yellow bell, diced 3 garlic cloves, chopped 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon cayenne powder 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 and 1/4 cups long-grain white rice 2 and 1/4 cups low-sodium chicken stock* 1 cup frozen peas 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro ... 💥COOK IT UP: INSTRUCTIONS Pat-dry chicken dry & season with salt and black pepper. Heat the olive oil. Brown chicken (5-7min per side) and set aside. Using same pot, add veggies, spice mixture, and tomato paste. Cool till fragrant. Stir in the rice and toast, stirring continuously for 15 to 30 seconds. ... spread the rice mixture evenly Distribute browned chicken pieces over the rice mixture. Pour in the chicken broth. Bring to high simmer, cover tightly with a lid, and cook for 22 to 25 minutes or until the rice has absorbed the liquid fully and the chicken is cooked through. Add frozen peas. Stir and serve.

Growing a successful massage practice isn’t just about being a BETTER massage therapist. It’s about being a better business-woman. Your success is waiting with the Business Mastery GuideBook! ... ➡️ You’ll learn step-by-step success strategies that will help you get business-savvy and grow a wildly profitable private practice. Execute at a higher level so you can fulfill your purpose.🔥Get the guide now:

⚡️Here I am⚡️In all my Monday glory :) ... 🙌Real talk: Spent WAY too long creating, what I thought, was a short video on some general details about my up and coming Business Accelerator Course (see stories for my blah, blah, blah) ... Somehow muted the final portion on that video (cause I was sick of hearing myself talk) BUT the most important dates are provided🤣 ... 🔥More details to come as of Dec 2, post this holiday week ... 🔆DM me if interested (if you haven’t already) to make sure you don’t miss out ... #massagementor #massagetherapistlife #massagetherapistlifestyle #massagebusinesscoach #massagebusinesscoaching #massagetherapistintraining #massageschool #massagetherapistslife

⚡️when I’m not #massaging or creating a biz course for #massagetherapists ⚡️ ... You can find me at the GARDEN🌱 ... Recent photo opp: the seeds have sprouted😱💚😂 ... #healthyhabits #gardening #selfcare #homegrown #realfood #vegetables #massagetherapistlife #massagetherapistlifestyle

⚡️Hey massage therapists! ⚡️I'm super excited to tell you about my brand new, business accelerator course, launching this December! 🔥You'll get business education + community + VIP coaching with me. ... I'm gonna be looking for 10 ambitious, women, massage therapists to go through the course with me and start 2020 out SUPER STRONG! Who's with me? 🔹DM me if interested🔹 ... Stay tuned 'cause I'll be telling you all about it in the coming weeks!