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Song Made Entirely of Bird Calls is Climbing the Music Charts – Watch the Enchanting Music Video

This 3-minute collection of endangered bird calls is proving to be just as popular as Taylor Swift and Lil Nas.

Good News for Ya: "The soothing soundscape consists of 25 different bird calls, hoots, and hollers. From blackbirds and woodpeckers to warblers and robins, all of the birds featured on the track are endangered in the UK."

No other human interaction occurred while sitting outside and taking this photo💜 ... Hope y’all are doing okay out there. Working to get my brain around the stimulus bill⚡️IC and sole proprietors⚡️we may be eligible after all! Shout out to @abmpmassage for being advocates for our community🙏 ... I’m loosing track of days but I’m remaining connected via zoom and text; doing my virtual Pilates and my virtual dance classes too...ain’t too bad 🤷‍♀️Hope you’re finding some ways to turn these lemons into lemonade ... 🍋🍋🍋🍋

🥢Slow-Mo, Red-Curry Chicken & Green-beans🥢 ... Read a story in my AA literature today worth sharing. “On the day that the staggering calamity of Pearl Harbor fell upon our country, a dear friend of AA, and one of the greatest spiritual figures that we may ever know, was walking along the street in St. Louis. This was, of course, our well loved Father Edward Dowling of the Jesuit Order. Though not an alcoholic, he had been one of the founders and a prime inspiration of the struggling AA group in his city. Because large numbers of his usually sober friends had already taken to their bottles that they might blot out the implications of the Pearl Harbor disaster, Father Ed was understandably anguished by the probability that his cherished AA group would scarcely settle for less. To Father Ed’s mind, this would be a first class calamity, all of itself. Then, an AA member sober less than a year, step along side and engaged father Ed in a spirited conversation-mostly about AA. As father Ed saw with Relief, his companion was perfectly sober. And not a word did he volunteer about the pearl harbor business. Wondering happily about this, the good father queried, “how is it that you have nothing to say about Pearl Harbor? How can you roll with a punch like that? “well,” replied the AA, “I am really surprised that you don’t know. Each and everyone of us in AA has already had his own private Pearl Harbor. So, I ask you, why should we alcoholics crack up over this one?” ... I may not consider myself a religious woman, but damn.💜

🌤Look Up🌤 Take a breath. ... Went out for my walk/jog yesterday and afterwards ended up sitting on the cool grass. I took a breath. People were scattered about, a few here and there (maintaining their social distancing). It always feels good to shift environments and change focus. A pause ALWAYS helps me. These are strange times with lots of uncertainty and it felt good to observe others BEING and getting their outdoor moments; maybe (hopefully) even shifting their perspective so they can go back to their family, partner, roommate, pet with grace and IN LOVE. ... 💜Health & wellness to you💜

💰Money, money,money💰 One aspect to getting biz-savvy in my massage practice meant learning about money management. ... When I first started massage, I wasn't great at managing money at all- personal or business. Online, money management tools weren't a thing yet and in fact, online banking became a thing AFTER I became a therapist🤣 Needless to say, I took a bunch of courses and did a ton of reading on how best to get "right" for the management of all that massage money (that I'd soon be making). ... I didn't know what I was doing...what I was reading was instructing me to track my income and expenses which, at the time, I didn't have much of either. In short, my financial literacy has been a "learn as you go" journey. One of the best pieces of advice I got early on was to "keep it separate". Keep my (soon to be business) money separate from my personal money (even though this was really one in the same). ... This meant three things (1) open up a business checking account with a debit card (2) begin the practice of depositing all money from my practice into this account and using that checking card for any and all expenses related to my practice (3) pay myself with regularity (even if it's small to start) ... Slowly but surely, I had the beginnings of a money system and eventually, I would have financial data that I could review and learn about my business. ... 💵What do your massage money systems look like? What do you struggle with when it comes to managing your massage-money?

💥Monday MindSet💥 I didn't realize how much of a personal growth experience entrepreneurship would be (is)! I've learned how to 'look outside' and create big goals, sure, BUT the hardest part has been looking inside and coming up against my own 'stinkin thinkin' beliefs which keep me small and locked in those old ideas. I am my own worst enemy! And while it's gotten easier to re-frame old ideas, I still need a community of support to help more me through. Grateful for my tribe (over all the years!) ... ❣️Who's in your corner?

⚡️Fried Tofu & Broccoli⚡️Keeping busy cooking more intricate meals... ... 🔶Recipe🔶 Dry extra firm tofu. Combine with cornstarch, flour, salt and baking powder. Chop broccoli, ginger, garlic and scallions. Set aside. Make “special sauce” for tofu seasoning. (DM me for ingredients). Heat wok to 350 and add 1 cup of vegetable oil. Drop tofu in oil and fry till golden. Remove to plate. Empty oil except for 1 tablespoon. Add broccoli and garlic mixture and char lightly. Remove to plate. Add special sauce to wok and heat. Add everything to wok and mix. Serve with rice. 🌀ENJOY🌀

#tbt and fantasizing about travel.... .. 💜Throwback to that time one of my besties and I took a west coast road trip for weeks💜 ... Stopped in Montana for some fishing fun with some rando guys...cause #yolo🤷‍♀️ ... @meganatx787 #quarentinefantasies

These Schools Are Offering Yoga and Mindfulness Class as an Alternative to After-School Detention

Yellow Springs High School in Ohio is offering mindfulness, meditation, and yoga classes as an alternative to punitive after-school detention programs.

Good News for Ya: A great initiative in a better direction! "Collectively, these emotional reset sessions sit at the heart of a new Ohio statewide education initiative encouraging schools and teachers to offer mindfulness training to students. Entitled “Each Child, Our Future,” Ohio’s new plan aims to offer resources to create well-rounded and capable young people, and perhaps also address the mental health epidemic in the United States."

How To Transition From A Standard 40-Hour Work Week To Living Your Dharma

I studied business and economics in university, so naturally many of my friends from school are working in the financial sector. Although many of them love their jobs, some of them don’t and are seriously struggling with their career paths. Listening to loved ones complain about their jobs isn’t...

Healthy Habits: We live in a time of "do what you love" and while I am in FULL support of this perspective and lifestyle (obviously), frankly, many people don't have the luxury of quitting their current job (for a whole slew of reasons). I LOVE this take on your "Dharma questions". How can you bring more of your authentic self into your current workplace? Great place to start your revolution 🤔

🥕Social distancing ain’t so bad when I got these girls...🙌 It was FINALLY sunny and I got to get some freakin fresh air! To the garden I went...!!!!! ... Y’all probably know the outdoor, garden-dirt digging grounds me. I mean, it’s hard to focus, generally, and especially these past few days I’ve felt a bit scattered. It’s been hard to think of business building when many of us are in ‘emergency’ mode. I’m having to redistribute some finances and plan for some much slower months ahead as the majority of chair massage gigs have been rescheduled; table massage is on pause’ and, while the online education world may be suddenly *booming*, I’m not quite in the space to work on promoting when we’re all feeling a bit frazzled and overwhelmed ... 🌀Let’s take a collective BREATH🌀 So...I’ve recommitted to my morning meditation practice -and I’ve been extending it with some chanting (just for the rhythm soothes me) and breathing - I’m committing to at least 30 minutes, outdoors and off my computering-so-hard (weather permitting). I seem to have the healthy cooking bit down and I’m checking in with my peeps- thank gawd for community💕Please reach out if you’re feeling isolated and alone! ... There will be plenty of time to get back to the busy business building. ... 🌀I’m taking a muther f*kin breath🌀 Who’s with me?💜

⚡️Failure⚡️ Such a loaded word, isn't it? I can't say I enjoy "failing" BUT, I can certainly say I ALWAYS learn something valuable when I do... ... More importantly, what does "failing" even mean? I've had to continuously work to neutralize my definition of failure. I used to always attach a story to the 'failings' usually something like, "It didn't work out the way I wanted so therefore I'M A FAILURE" in me, as a human, I'm a failure. Good lord! How dramatic! Why on earth do I attach the outcome of a situation to my worth as a human?!🤦 ... What if the definition of failure was just, "that thing you did didn't work quite like you wanted." What if I didn't have to make the "failing" about me and about my worth?! This perception switch has been slow but I can say that these days, my resilience has strengthened so much. I'm not bogged down for nearly as long when something "fails". ... And, I've "failed" A LOT while growing my massage practice- I've failed at a multitude of promotion strategies; I've failed at time management; I've failed at customer service; I've failed at budgeting and cash flow. I've failed at EVERY ASPECT of growing my practice. The failures, however, are truly what has empowered me- to figure out "why" it failed and then a plan of action to readjust. Most recently, with the online education, I'm taking it up a notch and "failing forward". This means, I'm going to keep taking action, assume that there will be "upsets" but stay committed to the forward momentum. ... 🔸Who's with me? 🔸How have you failed forward recently?

🧘‍♂️Home-Pilates workout🧘‍♂️Staying sane. Boob and butt shots apparently but whatevs🤷‍♀️... had the fire going cause it’s raining and cold here in LA on top of everything else. ... Take care everyone. Let’s take care of one another. Technology has created incredible opportunities for us to stay connected. ... 🌀Check out my FREE wellness, fun and small-biz resources guide (google doc). Link in bio, y’all💕Sending so much love to you all

💥Monday MindSet💥 When I practice acceptance of 'what is' versus 'what I think it's supposed to be,' I find myself feeling content and grateful versus frustrated and resentful about 'why it didn't go my way'. Leaning into the 'what is' is a much more fruitful way to live and be. I'll keep working at it😃 ... 💎What about you?

💜Homemade Buddha Bowl & Tears💜 ... Y’all. I was feeling strong until last night. Just had a wave of tears at one point🤷‍♀️These weird times are bringing strange waves of feels. Working to let it be and take really good care of myself. Making sure I’m eating well is really important for me. When I feel overwhelmed, I tend to not eat at all (not a great pattern for me) ... So, I made this delicious, hearty, comfort-food bowl for us last night. I served it all together with blanched greens + wild rice. ... 🔶Chick peas (tossed in cumin, turmeric, garlic powder) 🔶Baked sweet potatoe + home-grown carrots + broccoli (drizzled with olive oil + dash of salt) 🔶Topped with a tahini + lemon + dash-of-maple-syrup sauce ... #choosingloveoverpanic

💜Friends💜 ... Earlier today I was group-texting with some of my sisters. One of these wise women commented, “It’s hard to act when acting means not acting. And it’s hard to show up for each other when showing up means not showing up.” What a weird truth this is! ... Let’s navigate and move through this together. Boost your immune system; take the suggested preventative measures; buy gift cards from your local (service based) businesses who are feeling the financial economic impact; share a roll of your stock-piled toilet paper and cleaning supplies with your neighbor; participate in virtual classes and groups; stay informed from reputable sources; reach out to your friends and loved ones. ... 💪 Let’s choose love and discernment instead of panic. This is what I’m working on. Hope you’ll join me ... 🌀How else are you choosing love and discernment over panic and fear?

🙌Time-Lapse work day🙌 ... Keeping the space so fresh and clean (per usual); helping you stay grounded and centered during this time💜 ... Take care of yo self, friends! ...

🌀Massage and COVID-19🌀 ... There is no higher priority to Vita Wellness than the health and safety of our massage therapists and clients. Of course we are all monitoring the situation closely. ... At this time, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus is thought to be quite low with good hygiene (which the Vita massage therapists are already stepped in.) Rest assured that our cleaning and sanitizing protocols have always, and will continue to be, rigorous and thorough. ... In addition, the nationwide authority on massage and bodywork, ABMP, has issued a statement indicating that receiving massage and bodywork “as normal” is a non-issue at this time. Should anything change, we will be sure to update you accordingly. ... 💜

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⚡️International Women’s Day⚡️(better late than never)... I’m so grateful for all the many women who have supported me on my journey. Let’s keep at it. There’s such power in women supporting women💜🙌💪

💥 Monday MindSet💥 This is the very reason I need you; the very reason we need each other. This thing called life ain't easy and it can often feel like a serious struggle. You don't have to do it alone. The 'darkness' has always brought be into a new light... ... Asking for help ain't easy either. I intellectually understand that having help will help but, I can't seem to pick up the phone (or text, or whatever). 🤷 ... For me, asking for help is about a willingness to be vulnerable (which I ain't comfortable with, BTW) so, just like building muscle when I work out, I have to build this muscle too. Take the contrary action. You are not weak by asking for help (for anything, big or small!). In fact, it is one of the most courageous acts you can do for yourself.