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When I got into the massage world 17 years ago, believe it or not, "self-care" was not a buzz-word and it certainly was not a verb. In fact, self-care wasn't even something that was "common" to speak about in the online space. I mean, I remember feeling so vulnerable declaring that I wanted my massage practice to be FOR those folks who were committed to taking care of themselves. SEEMS SO BIZARRE-O considering the world we live in now. ... I mean, these days, if you don't declare your self-care plan or practices online regularly, then are you REALLY even taking care of yourself. OMG🙄 ... Whelp, I will be RESTING in the coming days. A social media break of sorts. Not sure when I'll pop on. As you all know, it takes energy to show up in this online space and also in the real world- even if our real world has been shrunk dramatically #thanksCOVID. ... SO MUCH HAS CHANGED for me (US!) in the past year and I want to take some time to "live" and integrate these shifts (and the shifts still to come). And to really consider WHO I WANT TO BE in this new/next chapter...You know... a RAD, DYNAMIC, WOMAN, WHO'S NOT AFRAID TO BE HERSELF IN THIS DIGITAL SPACE- CONNECTING WITH OTHER RAD SOBER WOMXN ON THIS MASSAGE-PRENEUR JOURNEY- NBD. I hope you'll stick around and join me. Until then, take good, good care of yo self. - XX atown

Making a declaration like, "I AM" has been a powerful experience for me. ... ⚡️I am an alcoholic ⚡️I am sober ⚡️I am a wife ⚡️I am a gardener ⚡️I am Autumn .. It has helped me feel "a part of" a group, a community, an industry even...For this "LONE WOLF," acknowledging and honoring these shared identities has supported me to become and step into WHO I AM, and let go of, WHO I THOUGHT I WAS. These days, these declarations act as a reminder to come back to myself.💛 ... And you know what, I need reminders about who I am- seems strange, I suppose. The truth of the matter is I used to spend SO much time PRETENDING to be XYZ That. IS. Exhausting. ... Each time I make a declaration, I'm offering up an invitation to come back to these parts of myself that sometimes...I wander from. Not necessarily in a big, chaotic sort of way but more like, "oh yeah. I'm sober and I'm committed to living by these principles so that over there isn't as important as I thought" or "oh yeah" I'm a wife and I'm committed to honoring these shared values so this is what needs my attention now". ... This world is so busy and there is so much noise. And I need the reminders to come back home. ... 🔆What about you? How do you come back to yourself?

Massage Biz Talk: I can't stress it enough. Consistency is key. And, I struggled with this for a while- I was always getting distracted by "the glitter" of new ideas and I wouldn't stick with anything long enough to get results. ⁣ ...⁣ If I could go back in time, I'd give my past-self this tip: *choose two or three ways to continually connect with your clients and stick with it for at least 90 days. If you send a newsletter, find your "regular" and send it regularly. If you send follow up notes to your client's post-session, do it after EVERY session; Send confirmation emails post-session? Always send them a confirmation email.⁣ ...⁣ Consistency builds trust. And, when people trust you they'll be willing and eager to show up to support you and buy from you. Plus, by creating regular business habits, you'll become more organized and efficient- win, win💗 ⁣ ...⁣ 🔶How do you connect with your clients on the regular?

Hot Dogs and Kimchi? Cheese and Jam? Yes and YES! 7 Cool Food Combos to Try

You’ve had peanut butter and jelly, but CHEESE and jelly? These unusual and unexpected food pairings won’t disappoint! We promise, no bizarre fusion experiments (kimchi cupcakes, anyone?). These goodies are all common and inexpensive enough for you to try this week in recipes that are super easy...

COVID Adventures: This is also a healthy habit post but with since I'm cooking more now than ever, I am loving adventuring with food combos🤣 LOVE Kimchi, TOTALLY gonna try #2: Avocado & broccoli, and I LOVE #4: Watermelon & Feta- ENJOY

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Fires Have Helped These Endangered Woodpeckers Make a Comeback, and It’s a Reminder of Nature’s Resiliency

The black-backed woodpecker needs forest fires to survive—and for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, fire has helped it comeback.

Good nEws for Ya: What a shift in perspective! "It’s hard to imagine that the infernos burning in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges in California and Oregon would be good for anything—but for the native black-backed woodpecker it’s the best of times, and necessary for them to continue their transformative practices on the forest."

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Americans Say COVID-19 Has Given Them a Newfound Appreciation of Nature - Good News Network

A new poll has found that 6 in 10 Americans have a new appreciation of nature because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Stories: So there are a few "good" things happening as a result of covid..."the survey showed three-quarters of respondents are starting to feel a boost in their moods thanks to spending more time outdoors—with 66% sharing they’re doing more outdoor activities close to home."

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Abandoned Senior Dogs Are Living Out Their Golden Years With Love At This New Retirement Sanctuary

Marty’s Place founder Doreen Jakubcak has set up a retirement sanctuary for older dogs to live out their best lives.

🐕Good News for Ya: "Marty’s Place founder Doreen Jakubcak understood that older dogs have significantly less chance of getting adopted, so she made it her mission to look out for the underdogs. The focus is on rehomed canines, age 7 and up...With plenty of sofas for just hanging out—and even an in-ground pool for those inclined to take a dip—every dog here is ensured of having his or her day."