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Growing a successful massage practice isn’t just about being a BETTER massage therapist. It’s about being a better business-woman! ... 💎With this guide, you'll learn simple success strategies to build a strong, business-foundation for your private practice; from the 5 P's of marketing, to a 'must-have' financial system; learn the easiest aspects of your practice to automate and even a suggested promotion strategy! ... ➡️ Execute at a higher level so you can fulfill your purpose. Get the guide now:

🤔What if covid is teaching us valuable lessons about entrepreneurship?🤔⠀ ...⠀ I’m not trying to minimize any hardships our businesses are experiencing. Truly. This is an impossible situation for so many of us...the blood, sweat and tears we’ve dedicated our lives to to building a practice, potentially gone/ shut down in a matter of months (woah!). It’s nothing to make light of!⠀ ...⠀ 🔺Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.⠀ ...⠀ I just can’t help but draw similarities between this covid experience and my early entrepreneurship days...⠀ 〰️⠀ 🔸Unknown Woes: I was overwhelmed about doing the “right” thing and making the “right” decision⠀ 🔸Money Woes: I felt terrified because I didn’t have “enough” money and didn’t know where I was going to get more money to move forward⠀ 🔸Alone Woes: Navigating the wellness-preneuer world felt lonely (there was no FB, or square, and very few online platforms for the independent massage therapists to connect)⠀ ...⠀ I feel similarly now:⠀ ➰⠀ 🔹Unknown Woes: I am having to make hard decisions about the future of the massage studio⠀ 🔹Money Woes: ‘Hands on’ massage income has basically come to a halt with covid⠀ 🔹Alone Woes: I am still the “responsible one” (aka the lone wolf) making the decisions about the business⠀ ...⠀ 〰️How on earth is this a positive thing, you ask? Because I’ve “been here” before. I have experience moving through the intensity of these feelings and I know they won’t last forever. I can feel them but they don’t consume me. They’ve come and gone, not once not twice, but many times all throughout my business building journey time and time again.⠀ ...⠀ These tumultuous times are what strengthens us along our entrepreneurial journey. Creating something that we want in the world isn’t easy and takes guts⠀ ...⠀ So for you, massage therapist, who is feeling overwhelmed with all the feelings and unknowns, know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Weathering the low spots is what has given me the grit and perseverance to keep going towards my dreams.⠀ .⠀ ✨Welcome to the entrepreneur roller-coaster of-emotion-world. You got this✨And I’m right here with ya.

You CAN make a living doing massage (and we'll get back to massaging eventually!)! Growing a successful massage practice isn’t just about being a great massage therapist. It’s about being a better business-woman. Gain the business-savviness you need to feel in control of your massage-future. Check out The Business Accelerator courses & coaching on the web->🔥

🏖 LOVVVVEEEEEEE me the beach🏖 ... I can literally lay on the beach (not walk or swim) but literally SIT on the beach and listen to mama ocean all day. ... She is so healing for me 🌊 ... My extended family is on the east coast so I’ve had my fill of NJ beaches; Texas beaches.... well, not so much to write home about but “it’ll do”. Now on my travels... now THOSE are some beaches!!! Thailand beaches, Hawaii beaches, Philippines + Brazil beaches++++... omg✨ ... There are some incredible beaches in this world🌍 ... 🔥what lights you up? Comment below⬇️

🍅Anyone hungry?🍅⠀ ...⠀ Made a delicious Greek salad with my first round of homegrown tomatoes (woot, woot!)⠀ ...⠀ Here’s the simple recipe: ⠀ -thinly slice 1/2 red onion and soak in 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar (set aside)⠀ ...⠀ In a big mixing bowl, add together ⠀ -2 medium tomatoes ⠀ -2 medium cucumbers⠀ -1/4 cup of pitted black olives⠀ -1 cup of olive oil⠀ -salt + pepper + oregano⠀ ...⠀ -drain red onions reserving 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar⠀ ...⠀ Mix it all together, chill and serve with big slice of feta on top⠀ ...⠀ ⬇️What are you cooking up these days? Comment below

Massage Biz Talk: I can't stress it enough. Consistency is key. I struggled with this for a while- I was always getting distracted by "the glitter" of new ideas and I wouldn't stick with anything long enough to get results. ⁣ ...⁣ If I could go back in time, I'd give my past self this tip: choose two or three ways to continually connect with your clients and stick with it for at least 90 days. If you send a newsletter, find your "regular" and send it regularly. If you send follow up notes to your clients post session, do it after EVERY session; send confirmation emails post-session? Always send them a confirmation email.⁣ ...⁣ Consistency builds trust. And, when people trust you they'll be willing and eager to show up to support you and your practice. Moreover, by creating regular business habits, you'll become more organized and efficient- win, win💗 ⁣ ...⁣ 🔶How do you connect with your clients on the regular?

👋Hi folks!👋 ... It’s been a hot minute and there’s some new faces around here. If you don’t know me, I do hope to get to know ya (as best as a virtual meet allows for). ... ⬇️Don’t forget to comment below and say, ‘hi’! ... I’ve been a massage therapist for over 15 years and well, massage changed my life for the better. In short, the journey back into my body has revolutionized how I show up in the world. I just didn’t realize how disconnected my head was from my body all those years ago (think, bobble- head things on your car dashboard 🤣) Such wow. ... When I’m not massaging, you’ll find me in my garden digging in dirt and soaking up some sun, cooking up something in the kitchen or hitting the hiking trail. ... My other serious obsession is salsa dancing so you’ll catch me out into the early morning hours sometimes (but not now, #thankscovid) ... I’ve been in recovery for about 18 years- I sobered up at 21 (yes, it was THAT bad) and my life now is unrecognizable to what it once was (🙏). ... I’m a Texas girl at heart (Austin, TX, that is) but husband and I currently live in Los Angeles. I’m working on getting my beach and mountain fill! ... 💛We don’t have any kids. 🦮We’re dog people 💯% and ☕️coffee snobs 📺One of our new, favorite shows we just binge-watched (on Amazon) was Tales From the Loop (omg so incredible!) ... ⬇️What about you? Drop a line

💛Despite upset & upheaval, I can still find things to be grateful for. In fact, this is (and has been) a necessary practice for me.💛⁣⁣ ...⁣⁣ When I first got sober, well over a decade ago, gratitude was not a part of my lifestyle. One of my AA friends reminds me of a story...when I first got sober, I was 19 and angry. I'd be the one in the gratitude meeting who would raise my hand and say, "I'm not grateful for anything and here's why..." all the while my dreadlocks were pulled up in a pony tail on my head with one sticking straight up resembling a middle finger. I wasn't grateful for anything, don't you know.⁣⁣ ...⁣⁣ My gratitude "practice" started around this time. My sponsor, back then, instructed me to write a gratitude list day in and day out. Such a simple practice. And I came to see that I could always find something to acknowledge and moreover, it got me out of my own selfish, self-centered thinking. ⁣⁣ ...⁣⁣ Shifting the magnifying glass onto what was/is "working" has given me the ability to step outside myself and see a bigger picture; a picture that's much larger than my own narrow view. And it's this bigger picture that helps me feel more a part-of this big ole world and gives me a deeper level of connection.⁣⁣ ...⁣⁣ 🔵What are you grateful for these days?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

📘Current Read📘⠀ ...⠀ I have an interesting reading style...sometimes I start a book and read through it cover to cover. Then, other times, it takes me FOREVER to get through the book (and not for lack of interest). I start reading it and then after a quarter of the way through or something, I put it down and I don’t pick it up again for a couple months🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤔⠀ ...⠀ When I decide to finally finish it I think, “why did I put this down for so long?!”⠀ ...⠀ A very strange pattern indeed. Regardless, I was introduced to the world of micro lending back in college. I got involved with The Whole Planet Foundation and became super inspired about micro lending. In fact, I seriously considered “going in that direction” after college. I didn’t and here I am. Such inspiring work nonetheless!⠀ ...⠀ 📌what are you reading?⠀ ...⠀ Learn more:⠀ ⠀ @wholeplanet : poverty alleviation through microcredit ⠀ @professormuhammadyunus

Massage Business Brain: ... 📃What's your list-making method?💻 Digital list making or good-ole paper list making?⁣ ...⁣ Time management can be super challenging. And I've struggled with prioritizing the next best thing. It's easy for me to get derailed by little, unimportant tasks that I can easily "check off" (like, making edits on my website) instead of tackling the harder, more important tasks (like assessing my ideal client profile or reviewing financials). No matter what though, I've always been good at least at making the to-do lists 🤣 and I've always had a "go-to" place to track all my lists. For years, I've always had a single business journal. In it, I write down any thoughts, lists and brainstorms related to my business. This is SO powerful! It serves two great purposes for me: ⁣ ...⁣ 1) it keeps me organized- when I sit down to work ON my business, I typically can just open that journal and get started. All my lists and ideas are just waiting for me. I don't spend time rummaging around my desk (or kitchen table) for that piece of paper with that chicken scratch on it. ⁣ ...⁣ 2) it acts as a "brain-dump". Getting all my ideas and list out of my brain and onto paper clears the clutter from my mind. This helps with my creativity and direction. I'm less worried about losing those "good ideas" (cause I already wrote them down) and now, I can create space to consider if the idea is worthy of execution⁣ ...⁣ I've used some digital list making tools before (like Evernote, Trello and event just NOTES in my phone) but I ALWAYS come back to the pad and paper. Nothing can replace the sound of my pen crossing off that task😝⁣ ...⁣ What's your preference?⁣ ⁣ ⁣

✨Change + Self Care✨ ... Even though change is inevitable, it sure doesn’t make it easy (or even wanted) ... So much has changed in my life the past year ... *moving from ATX-> LA *learning who I am without my decade+ long massage practice and company *readjusting to married life (since I commuted for years) *figuring out my healthy habit rituals and communities in a new place *moving (also) to a new condo *connecting with my massage roots (finally!) out here (thank gawd for Anna Marie @templeworkla 💛) ... THEN, ALSO, *COVID *navigating my massage business in ATX from LA, during COVID *Loosing/ shutting down massage business for a substantial part of 2020 *Landing a new (spectacular) job ... Good lord of your understanding! I need to take a BREATH😝 ... My self-care ritual/ routine is (and has been) my roots; keeping me grounded and connected through all these changes. For my own sanity (and yours too🤣), here’s a snapshot of my self care rituals ... 🧘‍♀️am meditation and readings (10-20 minutes) ritual 💃🏻physical movement: salsa dancing, Pilates, gym, walking, hiking (daily) 🍅real food: y’all know I love me my garden and home-cooked meals (daily) 💡AA meetings + sponsorship (varies) 🔮community connection: making time for family and friends phone calls/zoom (weekly) ... Seems like a lot... maybe I am high maintenance... nah. Now, I just know what keeps my mind, body and spirit “right”. These days, these rituals are so integrated in my life it’s less a thing to DO and more about my BE-ING ... 🛎what’s one self care ritual you have that used to feel like a “to-do” and is now a part of your BEING?

Dog Breaks World Record for Most Tennis Balls Held in His Mouth—And Social Media Users Are Thrilled

Finley the Golden Retriever is winning hearts across social media after he broke the Guinness World Record for most tennis balls carried in a dog's mouth.

Feel Good News for Ya💛 “It’s lifting people’s spirits more than we had ever expected or hoped for, which is really fulfilling,” Molloy told the news outlet. “And it’s really rewarding knowing that something as simple as a good boy is making people smile all over the world.”

🍅Garden bounty🍅weekly garden update ... When I just need to shut the f*k up and turn my mind off, I go to the garden ... 🧀what helps you turn your mind off/down and center? ... #realfood #homegrownveggies