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🥬Polka Dots & Greens🥬 ... The perfect combination. ... Don’t think I could ever get sick of salad! Our favorite is mixed greens (with homegrown arugula)+ radish+ carrot+ sesame seeds+ nutritional yeast+ green onions & 🥑(if ripe). Top it all off with the second best dressing (after homemade), Bragg Vinaigrette. Best salad ever. ... 🔸How do you do salad? Let’s share salad favs!!! ... That is all💕 ... #saladobsession #greens #homegrown #gardening #communitygarden #whenimnotmassaging

Why I Relinquished Control and Decided to Stop Recording Detailed Notes About My Workouts

After I quit gymnastics, I started recording my workouts at the gym because I felt like I had to. It was obsessive, and now I've weaned off of that.

Healthy Habit- I see countless people at the gym tracking and recording their workouts. Is it worth it? If you're getting too wrapped up in the tracking it might be worth adjusting. "But I became so strict with it {tracking my workouts} that I would spend too much time at the gym on my phone typing in each exercise and its reps..."

⚡️A love note to my kitchen floor⚡️ ... Dear floor, We’ve had a good run. I’ve walked all around ya as I moved from stove to fridge to sink; crisscrossing and sweeping... You’ve tasted many a good things that I’ve haphazardly dropped as we whipped up a meal or few...Only gonna walk across you for one more week till we move on (to the new house). Your big checker tiles were so cool and funky. Thanks for the vibe. ... Like your style, old floor, but it’s time to move on and up💪 ... #kitchenfloor #aloveletter #tile #oldhouses

💛 Is your massage biz aligned with your personal values? ... "Why does that matter?" you might ask. ... How on earth will you be able to create something wonderful in the world if your massage-life doesn't align with your inner life? ... I know I can't force that. I've never been able to work well at a massage gig or with a certain type of client unless I'm in alignment. I've got to feel connected in some way- not necessarily in every way but there's got to be some sort of overlap. ... For example, I value simplicity. I used to, however, bend over backwards to schedule last-minute clients. And there was nothing simple about rearranging my schedule to fit them them in and all the back and forth that would ensue! I quickly realized I'm not into this "emergency massage" mentality. I finally decided to simplify my life by becoming willing to say "no" to those last minute schedulers. ... ♦️What are some shifts you've made to align your massage-life with your values?

I’m Working on Worrying in 2020 With This Fear-Busting Tool

Scheduling a time just to worry — or worry time — could help you handle your fears and daily stress. Here's how it works.

Healthy Habit: Do you find yourself worrying too much? What about creating "worry-time" According to Dr. Saltz,."...during your worry time, you will write down all of your worries, as many as you can, and then you can state them out loud over and over again for the period of time." Read more about this powerful practice

🎤where are my podcast people at?! ... If you’re looking for a good listen on financial intelligence, be sure to check out The Soulful MBA podcast! Episode 147 (snapshot) has some SERIOUS winning nuggets of wisdom on paying yourself first, dear entrepreneurs. My mind is blown and I’m now reworking all my numbers... K thx...💜 ... #soulfulmbapodcast #podcastlife #massagelife #whenimnotmassaging

🌱Me + the greens🌱 ... My plot is flourishing! One thing I really love about gardening (besides the veggie bounty, of course) is digging my hands in the dirt. It’s so grounding and I feel super connected to mama earth by doing so. Ain’t nothing like it. Some people wear gloves but not this gal! The dirtier we get, the more fun we’re having, right?🤣 ... 🥬 Who wants some salad fixings?! ... I thinned a bunch of the carrots and beets today too so they’ll have room to get big and flavorful; I pulled some weeds and gave the plot a quick water. A beautiful day in the garden! ... #gardening #healthyhabits #whenimnotmassaging #selfcare #realfood #communitygarden

How To Make Healthy Habits Second Nature, According To Doctors Who Know

Temptation building, habit stacking, and more expert-approved strategies for helping your goals <em>actually</em> stick.

All this talk about Healthy Habits..ever wonder HOW we create those habits? "In order to repeat something consistently and painlessly, you need to structure your life in a way that minimizes friction between your current habits and your new desired habits." Read on:

🥑wanna know THE BEST guacamole recipe?🥑 ... 2 large avocados 1 white onion- chopped 1 Serrano- seeded & chopped Cilantro Salt and lime ... Smash the onion, Serrano and cilantro in a mortar and pestle till soft; add to avocados; add salt and lime to taste ... SERIOUSLY. I used to add tomatoe and garlic and chili powder and cilantro and salt and lime. It was a lot. And it was good. I’ll call that flavor my Tex Mex guacamole. The recipe above, however, is, shall I say, sophisticated. Less is more!⚡️ ... What’s your favorite guacamole recipe? ... #lifeofamassagetherapist #massagetherapistlife #healthyhabits #avocadoes #guacamole #whenimnotmassaging

💛 What does vulnerability mean to you when it comes to your massage-life? ... If I had known how vulnerable of an experience entrepreneurship would be and how revealing and unraveling of a process it would be, I never would have said YES🤣. If I had known how much personal growth I'd have to trudge through.....SERIOUSLY. ... The process of growing my practice has been lock-step with growing up and out and in in every way. I've had to confront my own monkey-mind and all the many (limiting) beliefs I have about myself and, out-dated definitions of success that stand in my own way; I've had to "be new" at something OVER, and OVER, and OVER again and I've failed (fabulously) on MANY occasions; I've had to ask for help even though "I have to do this on my own"; the list goes on and on. ... With that said, one of THE greatest gifts of entrepreneurship-> to recognize that being vulnerable isn't bad or weak; on the contrary, being vulnerable is oh so BRAVE💫 So to all you massage-preneurs out there (and heck, all humans practicing vulnerability), I see you; you're inspiring and thank gawd we have one another in the journey💥

☕️What do you put in your coffee?☕️ ... I’m trying out this #nutpodsdairyfreecreamer for the first time. Totally diggin it. Creamy and deLISH- just like to real deal! ... Okay, not really. Nothing is like the fatty deliciousness of real cream but it’s a close second🙌🤣 ... 🔹Do you do dairy? 🔹If not, what’s your fav substitute? ... #healthyhabits #selfcare #foodadventuring #coffee

⛰Hiking⛰Made it out to our “favorite” trail again (aka: the trail we’ve set goals for: ascend about 3000 to Orchard Camp (half way) in 90 minutes or less) ... Ug. I was smiling in this picture cause that was taken maybe 30 minutes in. It HURT yesterday. It was my slowest time- 1hour, 40 minutes and man, mentally I was just off. Funny how that happens. I just really wanted it over yesterday 🤷‍♀️ ... 🔸Life lesson from hiking: just because I’m doing this same hike over and over again, I can still have a new experience; just because it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t mean I have to quit- I CAN push through... what’s thesaying, it’s not the destination it’s the journey ... The views were still beautiful, I got some serious exercise, didn’t quit and, I’ll do it all over again✨🙌boom✨💥 ... 🔹How do you push through even when you want to throw your hands up/give up?

✨Can you guess what this picture is? ... 🔹Clue: a day in the life of a massage therapist includes {this}. ... Somehow, I feel SO together and organized when this picture is true ... #massagelife #massagetherapistlife #massagelifestyle #massagetherapistlifestyle

Over the last few years, I've figured out a way to bring business education, community and VIP coaching to other ambitious, women, massage therapists! I’ve taken what I’ve learned and created a bold, new take on a 'boring ole' business fundamentals because, ... 🔅I believe that we can all be successful doing what we love 🔅I believe that all women deserve to grow a massage practice that gives them the freedom they desire ... 〽️You got into massage because you're passionate about your craft. Don't letting running your business burn you out! ❗️Learn more about my new biz education + community + VIP coaching on the web: | Get on the waitlist

How do you “do” book clubs?📕 ... We are resuming the family book club💪 ... Here’s what a BOOK CLUB means in my fam-damily... 🔸reading whatever book we want -2 per quarter (we keep extending the time frame) 🔸”try” to make the books we each select, respectively (cause we can never decided democratically), fit into the same book category 🔸not really talk about them- just tell one another what we liked about the book once we finally finish ... Yes. This is my real life book club with my bestest mom and bestest aunt🔹 ... The book in the photo is my first read! ‘Bout to get into it!! I’ll report back🤣

PSA: All this talk about "new year, new you" and your resolutions ... I, for one, do take the time to reflect and create goals for the coming year but, not everyone is into this! Feel free to just be yourself and keep on doing you. You don't HAVE to change a damn thing; you don't have to feel inspired, happy or excited about the new year; maybe you just feel neutral about a year come and gone and that's okay too. ... just sayin💥