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🍿What to wear🍿⠀ ...⠀ Welp. This is my reality now...wearing sparkle skirts with intentionally mis-matched top💋⠀ ... ⠀ Phase 1 of my covid style: kept ‘getting dressed’ for a few weeks⠀ ...⠀ Phase 2: started wearing my yoga pants style (again)⠀ ...⠀ Phase 3: ‘no more yoga pants!’ started putting on skirts and my ‘work’ earrings ⠀ ...⠀ Phase 4 (current reality): looking for ‘BIGGER’ style ideas, like sparkles and big earrings and sometimes, even putting on heels for zoom meetings⠀ ...⠀ 🦄Take a way: you do you, what ever you gotta do, to feel freakin fabulous and have some damn fun in this ‘new’ normal

✨Herbal Infusion✨⠀ ⠀ Holy basil+oatstraw+peppermint +lemon balm (sounds weird but oh so refreshing and nourishing)! Dried herbs, all mixed up. Just like loose leaf tea. ⠀ ...⠀ Then, I pop it in the fridge to chill. 5 hours later, a refreshing spring, minty beverage🙌⠀ ...⠀ And real talk rant: can I just say that I’m over myself and my self- care?!🤣🌀I mean, I am sick of me after all these weeks!! End rant.⠀ 💛I want more of YOU.⠀ ⠀ -self care: f*kin ✅ cause there ain’t that much to do (omg 🤦🏽‍♀️)⠀ ..

✨Garden Views✨ ... That is all. ... #sanctuary ... But I guess it’s really a selfie, cause you can’t see the damn garden...🤷‍♀️ What evz. Y’all know it’s my happy place so I smile and feel compelled to capture the garden

🥑Veggie delivery 🥕 ... We’re getting produce delivery from @imperfectfoods We get a lot of veggies and fruits that we’re not growing in our garden!!! ... Just look at this box filled with goodies. Fresh veggies every night, no lie🙌💛 ... YUM

🐻Bear time🐻First adventure out into the wilderness of the Angles Forest, post stay-at-home orders were lifted and, ✨BOOM✨black bear! ... Omg I would be lying if I told y’all I wasn’t scared. Hubby said I was gripping his arm so tight 🤣 ... I have NEVER seen a beat this close is the wild...after two months of adventures being limited to what creative concoctions I was whipping up in the kitchen, my adventure cup runneth over!!! ... PS: we only saw about four other couples on the trail so it wasn’t that crowded. This hike was incredible!!!!

✨Sanctuary✨ I just love the vibes at this place. Sometimes I don’t even tend to my garden plot. Sometimes I just sit on the picnic bench; other times I just walk around in circles trying to identify any and every plant in a plot. ... I need me some nature and some dirt. Nothing fancy. ... 🌀What does your sanctuary look like? ... 🙌Happy Tuesday!!

💖Monday Mindset: I've had to practice being open to A LOT of new ways to do things and still show up authentically in my life #thankscovid. As a result, I've been reminded that these new ways ARE opening new doors (even though I didn't think I needed a new door). Is it possible these new opportunities could change my life for the better? ... 🔅 What's your perspective like these days?

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😆The ‘Rona Hair😆 y’all... my. hair. is. going. crazy. ... Do you see how big that bun is on the top of my head?! I know, I know.... you guys tell me, “I’m so lucky to have thick, curly hair”. I’m not complaining (that much🤣) Yes, I am grateful for my locks but let me tell ya... my mane has a mind of her own!! I cannot tame her! ... Real talk...And I have had thoughts of chopping it off considering the circumstance.... have y’all heard of the unicorn cut? 🦄 it’s apparently a hair-cut technique for curly hair and let’s just say Ive been watching some of those DIY haircuts videos.... 🌀Would y’all still like me if I chopped my hair off?

💛Yep. Things are strange and the only thing I can control is my own damn thoughts and actions💛 ... Shifting my focus and perspective is nothing new to me. I sobered up well over a decade ago and what I’ve come to understand are the habits of my mind. ... 🌀Here’s a few insights about my level of crazy...🤣 1. My “normal” state is to focus on what’s NOT working... (but I mean, COME ON! What kind of life is that?! There’s so much more that IS working) 2. I thrive on novelty and instant gratification (but I mean, COME ON! What kind of life is that?! It’s totally unsustainable!) 3. If I’m “obsessed” with something, it is VERY hard for me to detach ... SO then, the question becomes, how can I “undo”, “unhook”, “switch this stinkin thinkin”? ... ✨GRATITUDE✨ Getting into gratitude IMMEDIATELY shifts my thinking to what really matters (and I still get that “instant gratification fix”🙌) ... Today, I am so very grateful that I am healthy and that I’ve been able to laugh with friends and colleagues on zoom calls. And I’m grateful for technology today too, cause without some silly zoom calls, I would feel so connected. ... 🌀What’s one thing you’re grateful for today? Let’s lift each other up💛 ...

🥒guess I’m turning into a food blogger now...🤦🏽‍♀️ ... Sorry but also not sorry at all. This is my life now (cause I’m adapting to our reality and finding a creative outlet in cooking✨) and I have to admit, I am AMAZED at this cabbage recipe, BTW ... I mean, who likes cabbage anyways? I DO, now!! ... Here’s the deets: 🌀get a green cabbage (or grow one) 🌀slice it into big, fat wedges 🌀heat oven to 500 (yes, that’s right) 🌀season wedges with olive oil, salt and pepper 🌀cook 10 minute then flip for another 10 ... This cabbage turns into the most caramelized, crunchy deliciousness✨ ... You’re welcome. ... 🔥Oh, and my next massage newsletter drops this week. I’ll talk about my fears about starting to massage again and what it’ll take to get me ‘back at it’. DM if you want to join the conversation!

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