Leslie Nichols-Carey, LMT

Leslie N.

"Aside from being smitten with Autumn’s natural vibrant energy and poise, there are several reasons why Vita was right for me and my massage practice. Graduating in 2006, I have worked in a 5 star resort spa as well as had my own practice inside a chiropractic office for over 5 years until I moved to Austin in 2013. I mainly did chair massage and went to homes however, I wanted a place to treat clients (since not everyone wanted home visits.) Working for myself, on my own terms, setting my own schedule, was my ideal career lifestyle- how was I going to find a way to do that in a studio? Vita Wellness fit that for me.

At Vita, I felt part of a collective environment with other therapists that were intent on being their best and growing their craft, but I also felt like I kept my own individual essence. Being able to keep my independence at Vita while simultaneously being a part of a tribe was a unique circumstance that stood out when comparing to other venues.

Each therapist cared for the studio and the welfare of the space, meaning, it was taken care of and respected to ensure a calm and relaxing atmosphere was maintained. It makes a difference working with other professionals, especially in the health care industry, that the environment is held to a high standard, not only the massage training. When I had vacations scheduled or if an emergency arose, being able to block out a time slot, a day or four, without having to find a replacement or putting notice in to management weeks in advance, gave me the freedom I needed. I’ve been in that situation where you’re just treated like a body to perform a task and it didn’t take long to find out that wasn’t the type of massage therapist I wanted to be. I wanted to develop long lasting relationships with people and facilitate their healing journey; Autumn supports this foundation and offers insight and structured advice for self- promotion.

From our monthly meetings to exchange ideas, wins or areas of growth, to having intake forms provided, general marketing handled, business expansion discussions, chair massage opportunities around Austin, along the general camaraderie of Vita Wellness; it is a rare opportunity I am fortunate to have chosen. Moving away from Austin was the only reason why I parted with Vita.

My words of advice to any massage therapist seeking to grow their or maintain their practice, is to take a chance on Vita Wellness and Autumn. It’s an environment where you are supported by a variety of fantastic people, driven to help others feel better. I came in a seasoned practitioner and others came in brand new; the blend of sharing and learning has created a dynamic, powerful space in Austin."