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Vita provides the essentials you need to grow your massage practice in a curated and supportive environment. Massage Therapists choose Vita because of the freedom and control they have over their own practice while being a part of something bigger- together, we believe we can amplify our impact and change the world one massage at a time. Once you join Vita, you're associated with our established and reputable brand, known in the community for high-quality care and exceptional massage.

Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself.

Vita Massage Therapists are a different breed. We're a passionate group of practitioners with a strong entrepreneurial streak. The massage chains and spas just aren't 'right' for us. We're incredibly independent but frankly, we're tired of feeling like a 'lone wolf'.

Joining Vita is about more than just showing up and giving massages to the masses. It’s about becoming part of a movement. A movement that is deeply committed to empowering one another, clients & colleagues alike, to create wildly meaningful and successful lives.

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Austin Massage Memberships

Shared Studio Rental

Our Shared Studio rental let's you ground your practice within the Vita boutique so you can grow your clientele. Your studio time is permanent meaning, you work only on your designated days and hours. Our Shared Studio comes furnished with a desk, stool, music doc, treatment table, heating pad and simple, open shelving, plus a window for natural light.

-> as low as $250/month

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Vita Wellness Table Massage

Private Studio Rental

Our Private Studio rental gives you full autonomy to grow your massage practice within the Vita boutique. Our Private Studios come furnished with a desk, stool, music doc, treatment table, heating pad, open shelving, plus a window for natural light. Get the perks of working in a community with everything you need to make your space your own.

-> starting at $695/month

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Reviews & Insight:

Leslie Nichols-Carey, LMT

Leslie N.

"Aside from being smitten with Autumn’s natural vibrant energy and poise, there are several reasons why Vita was right for me and my massage practice. Graduating in 2006, I have worked in a 5 star resort spa as well as had my own practice inside a chiropractic office for over 5 years until I moved to Austin in 2013. I mainly did chair massage and went to homes however, I wanted a place to treat clients (since not everyone wanted home visits.) Working for myself, on my own terms, setting my own schedule, was my ideal career lifestyle- how was I going to find a way to do that in a studio?...

Jennifer Dayton

Jennifer D.

"When I met Autumn, I’d been working as a massage therapist for a few years. I knew I wanted to have my own practice, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I’m so glad my path crossed with Autumn’s. She provided a beautiful, furnished space to work in, answered all my questions, and helped me overcome my fears about becoming self-employed. And working with a collective of other passionate LMTs made having my own practice a lot less lonely! Being associated with Vita Wellness helped my practice grow, too - Autumn’s an established LMT, and Vita Wellness has grown into a known & trusted...