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Community Connection

One of my core principles is collaboration. I love building relationships, being connected to each other & to the place I live~ it’s an essential aspect of living a vibrant life!

Hey Marvelous

Whatever you teach, make it Marvelous.

Create + sell beautiful online courses, memberships, and group coaching programs. Launch your online business with our simple tools & roadmap.

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Femily teaches what they did to become a listened-to, in-demand thought leader in their industry. Go from audience member to speaker, thinking about change to inspiring it & consuming content to creating it!

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I coach women who are feeling unfulfilled, despite having checked many of the traditional boxes of success. Join my newsletter called, The Three I's- A place to ​interrogate norms, gain insights and get inspired.

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Empowering women to explore the art & science of deconstruction, with Dr. Katie Blake.

My online offerings provide an accessible, supportive community with other women sharing their journey from around the globe.

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Kelly Diels is feminist educator, writer, and coach. She specializes in feminist marketing for culture-makers. She’s here to raise awareness about how the business-as-usual formulas we learn everywhere actually reproduce oppression. She develops and teaches alternate, feminist marketing tools to help us do it differently (and better).

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Our mission is to provide a safe space for spiritual exploration and deep healing. Through our nonprofit, we connect soul-seeking womxn and nonbinary folks with the educational resources and expert guidance they need to overcome past trauma, nurture their mental health, and step into the most vibrant versions of themselves.

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Albus is a queer + trans Tarot reader who helps non-binary folks acquire internal liberation.

They are also a Biddy Tarot certified Tarot reader.

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Anxiety and negative self-talk can become overwhelming and debilitating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools you can become more resilient and learn how to access the resources within you to overcome any of life’s challenges.

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  • Traverse Journeys provides organized travel opportunities powered by social enterprises, community partners and impact-minded venturers. Our mission is to cultivate transformative experiences to unique destinations across the globe, fostering cross-cultural appreciation, environmental awareness and sustainable tourism.
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Laurel, owner of Laurel Kinney Personal Styling, helps both men & women discover and express who they are through their unique style. Using a three-part Sort, Shop, and Style method, Laurel helps her clients revive their wardrobe and uncover what to wear, igniting their confidence!

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