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One of our core principles is collaboration. We love building relationships, being connected to each other & to the place we live~ it’s an essential aspect of living a vibrant life! Find our recommended esteemed professionals, below, to help you live full, healthy lives.

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Bringing together self-identifying womxn together in a safe space to explore their physiological needs and healing through education, spirituality, lifestyle change, prevention and embodied movement. ​

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Albus is a queer + trans Tarot reader who helps non-binary folks acquire internal liberation. They are also a Biddy Tarot certified Tarot reader.


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Helping underground punx learn to live with anxiety and overcome negative self-talk without ridicule.


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I help women who are feeling unfulfilled, despite having checked many of the traditional boxes of success. Join my newsletter called, The Three I's- A place to ​interrogate norms, gain insights and get inspired

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  • Lee Valley Pilates fuses the fundamental movements of Pilates, dance & yoga into contemporary sports conditioning& functional-fitness exercises.Mat, Reformer and dance-based Pilates to stimulate your mind, tone your breath, and create a lean, flexible body.
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  • Sanctuary Yoga, Austin’s only non-profit yoga studio, is an intimate space devoted to personal growth and the uplifting of humanity. Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation which inspire the youth of the world to live in unity, service compassionately and lead peacefully.

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  • Chef Allison Stevens, MS, RD, LD is the founder of PrepDish.com, a gluten-free & paleo weekly meal- planning subscription service. She also runs Prep Dish Personal Chef where she cooks for Austin-based families and celebrity clients, helping them live healthier, happier lives.

  • www.traversejourneys.com
  • Traverse Journeys provides organized travel opportunities powered by social enterprises, community partners and impact-minded venturers. Our mission is to cultivate transformative experiences to unique destinations across the globe, fostering cross-cultural appreciation, environmental awareness and sustainable tourism.

  • www.jenniferhogeracupuncture.com
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine has far reaching and beautiful effects in the areas of internal medicine, emotional disturbances and autoimmune conditions. Acupuncture utilizes hair-thin, sterile needles inserted at specific points in the body to unblock, strengthen or reduce energy, or Qi, running through the body.

  • www.laurelkinney.com
  • Laurel, owner of Laurel Kinney Personal Styling, helps both men & women discover and express who they are through their unique style. Using a three-part Sort, Shop, and Style method, Laurel helps her clients revive their wardrobe and uncover what to wear, igniting their confidence!
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  • www.collinsdc.com
  • Dr. Collins operates a private chiropractic practice as a part of Austin Holistic Health. For the past 5 years, he has treated athletes in all sports as an official chiropractor for the University of Texas Athletic Department. His unique care varies from routine maintenance of average patients to preparing competitors for national championships.

  • www.falconskintherapy.com
  • Taking a holistic and result oriented approach to skin care, Laurie B. Falcon has been practicing aesthetics in the Austin area for more than eight years. Laurie uses her knowledge in the clinical setting to diagnose and resolve all skin concerns from age defying to problematic skin while maintaining an individually tailored attitude with all her clients.