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Office Massage: the #1 most loved employee benefit

In Austin, more and more businesses are searching for simple wellness ideas to enhance employee satisfaction. Chair massage is the ultimate solution for creating an enriching corporate culture. Exemplify your commitment to the well-being of your team with mobileVita!

Massage immediatley reduces stress, directly improving productivity.

Join our growing list of businesses and thought leaders who view massage as a necessity. With study after study touting the benefits of massage, executives are changing their mindset from, 'massage as a luxury' to massage as an essential component that helps their teams perform at the top of their game.

Be the office hero! When you add mobileVita services to your suite of company benefits, everyone is rewarded. Your team can enjoy an improved sense of well-being and your business enjoys the productivity, energy and loyalty of employees who feel vital and appreciated.

How does mobileVita work?

From monthly massage days to employee-appreciation days,

we'll customize a plan to fit your cultures' needs.

  • get a dedicated team of professional & talented massage therapists on-site
  • simple e-payment options
  • online scheduling options
  • all necessary supplies provided

Why mobileVita works

We know that employees who receive massage therapy

  • enjoy reduced stress levels
  • are more productive
  • call in sick less often
  • like where they work a whole lot more


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