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I'm been called vibrant, sassy and dedicated. My vision is an extension of my personal dedication to living life to the fullest.


I received my massage license in 2003 in Austin, TX in my second year of sobriety. Massage quickly became my medicine revolutionizing my relationship to my body and dramatically shifting how I showed up in the world. I didn't realize just how disconnected I was from my body! I had spent so many years numbing out, getting back in my body was both terrifying and novel. Massage gave me access to a whole new internal world and I had {woo woo alert!} an intuitive sense that "yes, massage is what I'm supposed to be doing."

I covered a lot of ground over the course of my massage career. I started out juggling multiple massage jobs to eventually having a booked private practice. In 2011, Vita Wellness Massage was born. Over the course of a decade, I went from the all-to-common 'feast & famine' cycle to running a six-figure massage company with both a brick and mortar studio and a chair massage division for corporate wellness.

Vita Wellness Massage Studio was my pride and joy. I created something from nothing and lifted up other massage therapists along the way. We were a collaborative massage community with stellar practitioners that became known and respected in our local community. The boutique massage studio was nestled in the heart of South Austin offering services to the vibrant and active residents. In 2020, however, due to the global pandemic, I made the heart wrenching decision to close the brick and mortar to shift my creative energy elsewhere.

RECOGNITION: In 2012, I was a finalist in the BIG Austin Business Plan Competition. This gave me a boost of confidence and inspired me to think bigger. In 2016, I was the recipient of the Woman's Way Business Award in the Health and Wellness category, the most prestigious awards for women in business. In 2016, 2017 & 2018 I was a finalist in the Sports, Wellness & Fitness category for the prestigious Austin Under 40 awards for business achievements and community involvement.

MASSAGE MENTORSHIP: At the start of my massage career, I navigated the wellness world alone growing my private practice through much frustrating trial and error. Eventually, I connected with small business coach, Penny McConnell. As a result of this mentorship, I began to gain confidence in my business building capabilities and see positive, tangible shifts in the growth of my practice.

It became clear that the haphazard experience of growing a massage practice was a common and unnecessary experience for many massage practitioners. Out of a desire to help other massage therapists build a sustainable practice more quickly, I developed the Massage Business Builder program. This curriculum teaches massage therapists core business principles that are necessary to strategically grow a private practice.

WHAT MAKES ME TICK? I am committed to living passionately and inspiring others to feel the connection and joy in their life. In my twenty years of sobriety I have uncovered a love for traveling, salsa dancing, and gardening. More recently, you'll catch me out on the trails tapping into my novice back-packing hobby, all of which continue to bring joy and love into my life.

My vision


To bridge the gap between the mind and body, resulting in an ever more present and connected society.


When you bring new awareness to your body, when you feel vibrant and connected, peaceful and joyful, you’re your best you and you’re better for the people around you. That ripples out in the most meaningful and transformative ways.


People. Being “in person.” Being a part of something. Touch. Community, true community. Feeling connected – to ourselves, to each other and to the place we live.