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Sarah Barnes, LMT

Sarah, LMT

Hours: Tues. 10-6pm | Wed & Thurs. 3-8pm

Ariana Mahoney, LMT

Ariana, LMT

Hours: Wed. 10-7pm | Thurs.-Sun. 10-3pm

Lisa Speck, LMT

Lisa, LMT

Hours: Thurs- Sun. 3:00-8:30pm

  • No ringing phones, no hyper kids, no other commitments other than to yourself. 'Cause we know massage goes beyond stress relief- it supports you being your best self!


  • Only avaialble with select Massage Therapists (reflected above)
  • We operate under a 'Use-It-Or-Lose-It' policy. Massages DO NOT roll over
  • Limited number of memberships available