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You Love What You Do.

Don't let running your business burn you out. Start working smarter, not harder with this ebook.

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Hi, I'm Autumn.

I believe sober entrepreneurs are uniquely qualified to succeed in business.

Because you’ve already done the impossible once (got sober!)

And guess what?

The skills you learned in recovery are the exact same ones you need on the soberpreneur journey.

Let’s put them to work in your business.

I can talk all day about business building and sober living. Movement is my meditation. In my free time, you'll find me bicycling, in my garden, or out backpacking.

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You Don't Have to Do This Alone

Taking the leap to grow your own business while navigating sobriety takes guts, gumption and perseverance. It's not always easy but I know you have what it takes!

Cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur with one on one mentorship. My no-nonsense approach to coaching will guide you through this journey with honesty, care and laughter.

You started growing a business to do something you love. Don’t let running your business burn you out. Learn more here.

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Group Coaching

Business education, high-touch coaching and community. The truth is, to be a successful soberpreneur you need to have more than just a great idea. The best ideas doesn't always succeed. In order to truly be successful and create dependable income month after month it's often the BUSINESS that needs improving. Get the education you need within a like-minded community to grow a business that feeds your soul & pocketbook, totally sober!

This online, group coaching program will help you take your business from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality. Learn more here

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Everyday wisdom just for you.

Starting a massage practice isn't easy and there will always be ups and downs to deal with as you grow and run your business. Learning how to gracefully embrace your accomplishments and figure out how to cope with setbacks is an important part of business ownership. Finding gratitude during the down-times, and having awareness about your perspective can help you weather any obstacles that come your way.

The key to all this is mindset. If you can maintain a positive (or at least more realistic) mindset during the tough times, you'll be better equipped to get your business back on track no matter the situation. Let's take a look at some small business tips that will help you to maintain a positive mindset while navigating the ups and downs of running your small...


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