• Business Mastery for Massage Therapists

The Business Mastery guideBook

a self-paced success guide for ambitious massage therapists

Learn effective success strategies that will help you grow a wildly profitable massage practice while working smarter not harder.

What You'll Learn

  • Start making the kind of money you can count on month after month
  • Gain the freedom you desire by working strategically and effectively
  • Feel more in control with greater clarity and organization
  • Execute at a higher level so you can fulfill your purpose
  • Think like an entrepreneur and turn your business into a force for good

The truth is, to grow a successful massage practice you need to be more than great Massage Therapist. It's not just about happy clients. Each piece of the practice needs to work. It's often the BUSINESS that needs improving. The Business Mastery GuideBook will help you cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur so you can come to depend on your income month after month.

Massage Mastery

"My name is Autumn Elias, owner of Vita Wellness Massage and author of the Business Mastery program. Over the past decade, I have gone from juggling multiple massage jobs to having a booked private practice. I have gone from a 'feast & famine' cycle to now having a profitable massage company. Truth is, it took me a LONG time to get here. It was after much trial and error on my own, that I finally connected with a business coach. She taught me the success strategies I needed to see the growth in my practice and income.

Out of a desire to save YOU time, energy and to help you create a financially successful massage practice, the Business Mastery curriculum was created."

Vita Method_Business Mastery

Success Strategies: The Four Core Business Principles

Growing a massage practice that you can be proud of requires enormous focus, courage and tenacity. For most of us, it's the business aspect of growing a massage practice that's overwhelming. Even with some understanding, it's exhausting to just figure out where to start.

In simple, easy to follow terms, this Guidebook takes you step by step through four core principles that will help you build a solid business foundation for your massage practice. Through detailed definitions, examples and hands-on exercises, you'll gain clarity on your vision and you'll be guided through practical action steps to effectively reach your goals. Each chapter is dedicated to one of these four principles:

  • Marketing: It's so much more than promotion! This chapter will help you understand how to position your practice, price your services, and even get your ideal clients on your table.
  • Financials: There is so much magic in having clarity around your numbers! After this chapter, you'll be able to smash through any fear around addressing the truth about your numbers. You'll begin to see how befriending your financials is the ultimate key to your success.
  • Systems: Working smarter not harder is the ultimate goal! After this chapter, you'll firmly believe that implementing systems will expedite the growth of your practice with ease.
  • Growth Strategy: Make more money and go beyond being just a practitioner. This discussion will help you find additional ways to make money without doing more massages and working longer hours.


Growing a massage practice is challenging. This guide will help you meet that challenge head on and will demonstrate how to apply each of these business concepts directly to your massage practice. We get it. You want to support your clients to live vibrant lives while making the kind of money you can count on. The Business Mastery Guide can help you get there. You started doing massage because you want to do something you love. Don’t let running your business burn you out.

Reviews & Insight:

massage mentor

Lauren H., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Even if you think you completely know what you're doing, there's probably something you haven't thought of! I feel like this (GuideBook) helped fill those holes in- what I already knew, what I needed to be reminded of and what I definitely hadn't thought of.”

massage Coaching

Ashley H., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Yes, I would recommend this Business Mastery GuideBook to all my massage therapists friends! I think business courses in massage schools are lacking when it comes to providing the practical elements that therapists need to be successful in their practice. This guide was so helpful!"