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Why you need a business coach for your massage practice

Ever said the words, "I can do it on my own."

I sure have! And I have 'done it on my own'. I have the battle wounds to prove it too. What if I told you you didn't have to do it on your own. You could have guidance and support from someone that has gone before. What if I told you that you could grow your massage practice more efficiently and not get as many battle wounds along the way. Would that interest you? If it does, then keep reading.

The number one way you can grow a wildly profitable massage practice faster, more efficiently and without as much exhaustion, frustration and confusion is by hiring a massage coach. Here are the top four reasons why you need a coach right now.

Accountability- We all have a to-do list (a lengthy one at that). We’re inundated with lots of well-meaning information (mostly) to help us ‘get more done, better and faster’. We also tell ourselves lies. “When X happens, then I’ll start on that project..” With a coach, however, lists get ‘smarter,’ we can sort through information better and, most importantly, lies are not possible. When I set goals with my coach, she’ll ask me about them the next week. Period. If I did not complete them, we’ll talk about the resistance. It’s that simple. The relationship is built on showing up (no matter what), rigorous honesty and of course, unconditional support to work towards the desired goals.

Make More Money- Let’s face it. We’re our own worst enemy. We often undervalue ourselves. With a coach, discussing expenses juxtaposed against how much money is actually coming in, there’s no way to deny how much money I’m making (or loosing). When I know where my money is going, I get to take a honest look at my rates and adjust accordingly (we'll can talk about busting through money issues in another blog post).

Head Trash- We’ve all got this (although who likes to admit it!) Fears, negative self-talk and everything in between keeps us small and stuck in limited possibility. We’re pretty good at recycling the head trash too- reaffirming the chatter in a million different ways. With a coach, these patterns reveal themselves and can be dealt with in a meaningful way. Sometimes, I’ve been oblivious to the negative cycle of my head trash. A coach can help you get off the hamster wheel and into reality.

Collaboration & Creativity- A coach has a breadth of experience and knowledge. She knows what questions to ask and methods to use to break through sticky spots. Moreover, two brains are better than one. Having a sounding board to bounce ideas of of (and reveal there holes) is priceless. It’s easy to be blinded by my ‘good idea’. Having an outside perspective offers valuable insight especially because we can be ‘in the trenches’ of our brainstorm. A coach helps me see the big picture.

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