Busting Through Fear

False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Wherever you are in your massage journey- just starting out or years in-you're probably quite familiar with fear. That nagging 'friend' that just doesn't seem to go away completely. As a massage practitioner, there are so many ways to get bamboozled by fear and thrown off course. There's so many things to do, to learn and oh so little time. It is easy to become overwhelmed and as a result, not take any action. Especially in the beginning of my massage career, I was easily paralyzed by fear (that I wouldn't really be able to grow a practice), overly anxious (that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the responsibility), fear of not being ‘liked’ enough to have my schedule booked.

Then, I learned this acronym: Fear is False. Evidence. Appealing. Real. Have you heard this before? Over the years, this acronym has become my mantra. It has been so powerful for me to recognize that it’s often the story surrounding the fear (the false evidence) that keeps me stagnant and paralyzed in fear.

What I know today is that all of this stinking-thinking (fear based thinking) keeps me small. It robs me of possibility and opportunity. That’s one of the most detrimental things I can do to my own success- be so consumed by fear that I don’t take any action. How does the saying go? “If I don’t take different action, I won’t get different results."

My antidonte to this day to bust through fear is to get in action- even if it's itty bitty baby step action. Here's my (seriously simple) three-step fear buster:

  • Identify the problem- what am I really afraid of. Sometimes I have to write the story out
  • Stick with the facts- discern the facts from the fiction in my fear-story
  • Create 2-3 tangible action steps that can be taken the next time the fear crops up

Remember, this isn't about living without fear- it WILL crop up- but rather, learning how to embrace it like that old friend and walk through it instead of stagnating and resisting.