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Created to help accelerate your business building journey, these resources offer insight and solution to common roadblocks in our industry.

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5 Day Challenge

Is growing your massage practice making you feel crazy? No matter where you are on your massage journey, it's easy to get derailed by our own thoughts and emotions. Learn the five common 'stinking thinkin' thought-patterns and 5 Pro Tips to counteract them! By the end of the course, you’ll have practical tools at your fingertips to shift your mindset to combat even the worst of that monkey-mind.

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Massage Coaching

Make More Money, Faster

Stop spinning your wheels! You got into massage because your passionate about the craft. Don't let the business aspect burn you out. Learn four business-shifts you can make in your massage practice TODAY to help you feel confident, fired-up and organized. Download this FREE e-book today!

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Social Media with Intention

Go from feeling invisible to getting seen and sought after with these social-media templates. Get one week's worth of social media posts totally FREE. Customize the post to your specialty and be on your way.

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Must Read Blog Posts


5 Mistakes Massage Therapists Make

We live in a pretty amazing time! Everyone wants to be their own boss. Entrepreneurship is flourishing!

Technology is leaps and bounds from when I first started my massage career (well over a decade ago) making our lives as therapists, easier than ever. Taking payments anywhere...

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Busting Through Fear

False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Wherever you are in your massage journey- just starting out or years in- I know you're familiar with fear. When you're growing your own practice, there are so many ways to get bamboozled by fear and thrown off course. There's so many...

Courses & Coaching

Why you need a business coach for your massage practice

Ever said the words, "I can do it on my own."

I sure have! And I have the battle wounds to prove it too. What if I told you you didn't have to get all those 'lone wolf' battle wounds and spin your wheels foolishly. What if you could have guidance, support and learn from someone...


The secret to growing your ideal massage practice

Okay okay...a cute puppy is not the key to your massage success. But seriously, in relation to massage, when was the last time you considered your definition of success ?

Usually, when we really take the time to go through this exercise our responses are more developed and refined....