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Created to help accelerate your business building journey, these resources offer insight and solution to common roadblocks in our industry.

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5 Day Challenge

Is growing your massage practice making you feel crazy? No matter where you are on your massage journey, it's easy to get derailed by our own thoughts and emotions. Learn the five common 'stinking thinkin' thought-patterns and 5 Pro Tips to counteract them! By the end of the course, you’ll have practical tools at your fingertips to shift your mindset to combat even the worst of that monkey-mind.

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Massage Coaching

Make More Money, Faster

Stop spinning your wheels! You got into massage because your passionate about the craft. Don't let the business aspect burn you out. Learn four business-shifts you can make in your massage practice TODAY to help you feel confident, fired-up and organized. Download this FREE e-book today!

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Top 7 Business Reads

Cultivate your confidence and stay inspired as you grow your massage practice with my top seven recommended reads.

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Social Media with Intention

Go from feeling invisible to getting seen and sought after with these social-media templates. Get one week's worth of social media posts totally FREE. Customize the post to your specialty and be on your way.

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Must Read Blog Posts


Setting Goals for Your Massage Practice: How to Start the New Year With Intention

For an industry that is centered around relaxation, restoration, and stress reduction, running a massage therapy business can be incredibly frustrating. This is especially true when it comes to finding new clients and growing your business. The time, money, and energy spent trying to attract new clients can be astronomical and, unfortunately, the costs associated with getting a new client may never be recouped.

If you feel that this has been an ongoing struggle, that you’ve been treading water and can’t seem to grow your business or become more successful, you aren’t alone. Nearly every massage therapist has spent countless hours trying to market themselves, whether online, in person, or by using some other strategy, only to find that their business just isn’t taking off.

As you're setting your goals and intentions for 2020, don't wait until January 1st to come up with your game plan. Read on to see how to start the New Year with intention by signing up for our...


5 Mistakes Massage Therapists Make

We live in a pretty amazing time! Everyone wants to be their own boss. Entrepreneurship is flourishing!

Technology is leaps and bounds from when I first started my massage career (well over a decade ago) making our lives as therapists, easier than ever. Taking payments anywhere is a breeze, website development is cheaper than ever and we even have groupon and class pass to help us boost our business!

With all this said, I am still amazed just how many massage therapists are not taking advantage of these online resources. And yet, it's possible to get found online so much easier which helps you grow your practice a heck of a lot faster!

Have you ever said any of the following statements?

"oh, I'm not good at technology stuff,"

"I don't need to have a website or social media, I'll grow my practice through referrals,"

"I'm not good at the marketing stuff"

If so, you're missing out...

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Busting Through Fear

False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Wherever you are in your massage journey- just starting out or years in- I know you're familiar with fear. When you're growing your own practice, there are so many ways to get bamboozled by fear and thrown off course. There's so many things to do, to learn and oh so little time. It is easy to become overwhelmed and as a result, not take any action.

I know how you feel. Especially in the beginning of my massage career, I was easily paralyzed by fear (that I wouldn't really be able to grow a practice), overly anxious (that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the responsibility), and afraid I wouldn't be ‘liked’ enough to fill my schedule.

That began to change when I learned this acronym:

Fear is False. Evidence. Appealing. Real.

Over the years, this acronym has become my mantra. I've learned that so often I get carried away by all the emotion I attach to my fear. For example, I'm afraid...

Courses & Coaching

Why you need a business coach for your massage practice

Ever said the words, "I can do it on my own."

I sure have! And I have the battle wounds to prove it too. What if I told you you didn't have to get all those 'lone wolf' battle wounds and spin your wheels foolishly. What if you could have guidance, support and learn from someone that has gone before? Imagine growing your massage practice more efficiently and with clear direction. Would that interest you?

The number one way you can grow a wildly profitable massage practice faster, more efficiently and without as much exhaustion and confusion is by hiring a massage coach.

Here are the top four reasons why you need a coach right now.

Accountability- We all have a to-do list (a lengthy one at that). We’re inundated with lots of well-meaning information (mostly) to help us ‘get more done, better and faster’. We also tell ourselves lies. “When X happens, then I’ll start on that project..” With a coach, however, lists get ‘smarter,’ we...


The secret to growing your ideal massage practice

Okay okay...a cute puppy is not the key to your massage success. But seriously, in relation to massage, when was the last time you considered your definition of success ?

Usually, when we really take the time to go through this exercise our responses are more developed and refined. Common responses often include:

  • Wanting more time and flexibility to spend with our family, friends and on our other passion-projects
  • Wanting the massage practice to be booked consistently at least a few weeks in advance
  • Wanting our income to be reliable and support our lifestyle

Every one of those goals is possible and attainable!

When I personally defined success, I had some of these EXACT goals. And what I realized was, for me to go from frazzled & overwhelmed to confidently working towards my goals, I had to get focused on strengthening my business savviness. Reaching my goals was not about becoming a better massage therapist....