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Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Massage?

Deep {pressure} massage is similar to a swedish massage but with a higher level of overall pressure. This form of bodywork encourages the muscles to deeply release, eases general aches and pains, and activates the body's systems. Deeper pressure is also needed simply to access the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. Unlike deep tissue, which tends to focus on very specific issues/areas, deep massage addresses the whole body and is effective at targeting overall stress and tension from everyday work and life issues. Learn more here

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi Massage is deeply rooted in ancient Hawaiian tradition. The literal translation of "lomi" means to knead, rub, soothe or weave. In the context of massage, it means to let go of what is not serving us. What makes Lomi Lomi unique is the use of forearms, flowing movement, intention and breath resulting in a deep meditative presence for the giver and receiver. Learn more here

I've never had a massage, what can I expect on my first visit?

We are SO excited you're interested in exploring massage therapy! We're committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for everyone. The first visit is considered an "Intro- Session" to get acquainted with one another and see if we're a good fit. Here's what to expect in your first hour session:

  • During the first few minutes of the session, you and your therapist will go through a simple health and posture intake form together. All information remains confidential.
  • Your therapist will explain the session design and how to properly prepare yourself for the massage.
  • Your therapist will then step out of the room allowing you time to undress to your level of comfort and situate yourself on the massage table.
  • Your therapist will knock before entering the room and make any further adjustments to the table, room temperature & music to ensure your optimal comfort.
  • Your therapist will then proceed to work your neck, back, arms and legs using a variety of massage techniques. Professional draping is used at all times. Only the area that is being worked will be uncovered.
  • Once your back side is worked, your therapist will ask you to roll over onto your back in order to work the front of your arms, chest, legs & feet.
  • To end the session, your therapist will ask you to take a couple of deep belly breaths and then leave the treatment room so you can get dressed once again.

Is draping used?

Professional draping with a sheet is always used throughout each and every session, no exceptions. Only the area of the body being worked will be uncovered. This ensures a safe, comfortable and professional experience for the client.

Do I have to get undressed?

Massage works with the muscles & fascia of the body. In order to effectivley work both, we recommended disrobing down to your undergarments. The amount of clothing you remove, however, is entirely up to you. We can perform many massage techniques confidently and safely through clothing & sheets. Regardless, professional draping is used at all times so only the area being worked will be uncovered.

Should I tip?

While it is extremely generous for you to consider gratuity, tipping is never expected. If you're over-the-moon excited about your experience, tell a friend or give us some love on YELP. Referrals are the best compliments!

Should I reschedule if I'm sick?

Absolutely! If you are contagious with a cold, flu, fever or are feeling nauseous, we request that you reschedule your appointment. Your body is already working hard to heal and receiving a massage might make you feel even worse. We guarantee you will enjoy the massage a whole lot more, and it will be more effective, when you're feeling well. You can reschedule online up to three hours before your scheduled session, otherwise, send us an email. If you're unsure, give us a call and we can discuss in more detail.

Chair Massage

What are the benefits of chair- massage?

  • It's a great introduction to massage & its benefits
  • The session is short & sweet
  • Individuals see immediate results
  • The massage occurs while the client is fully clothed
  • It's an ideal stress-buster & team moral booster
  • It's ideal for corporate environment

What is chair-massage?

Chair Massage is a compact style of bodywork performed in a specially designed chair, utilizing a variety of massage techniques. The chair massage is administered while the client is fully clothed making it suitable for the workplace environment.

Pressure applied to specific release points encourages the body to let go of tension, leaving the muscles relaxed and the brain energized through increased circulation and oxygen.

Within the 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute session, the practitioner can give a thorough upper- body massage that includes the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. This highly specialized massage form allows for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. The results are immediate and guaranteed and, a 15 minute massage break can fit into virtually everyone’s schedule!

Chair massage as part of a wellness program or event, requires little time commitment on the part of the employers, employees or hosts, resulting in high utilization. Unlike other wellness modalities, there is nothing to practice, learn, or accomplish. In fact, the less the client does the more effective the work will be!

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