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Grow the Massage Practice of Your Dreams

Growing a sustainable massage practice requires enormous focus, courage, and tenacity. Get the support you need to fuel your soul & pocketbook

Business Support For Ambitious Massage Therapists

You CAN make a living doing massage. It's so common, however, to feel confident in your craft and also know that your business savviness is lacking. The results? You're not making a reliable income and you've wondered if massage was the right career choice.

The truth is, to grow a successful practice you need to be more than great massage therapist. It's not just about happy clients. In order to create dependable income month after month it's often the BUSINESS that needs improving. Cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur with the Business Accelerator Offerings below. You started doing massage because you want to do something you love. Don’t let running your business burn you out.


The Business Accelerator: Marketing

Business education, community and VIP coaching Through step by step instruction, you'll learn how to nail your niche, declare your massage-specialty, price your services and, create an actionable & attainable promotion plan for your massage practice. With LIVE coaching calls and access to a like-minded community of therapists, you'll get the support and camaraderie you need to bring your vision into reality. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid marketing plan for your massage practice to start 2020 out strong! *this is the first of a four-part business-accelerator series*

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1:1 Business Coaching for Massage Therapists

Helping ambitious women grow thriving massage businesses My coaching philosophy is centered around three core components: business savviness, emotional resiliency and a strong commitment to self care.

Each woman, each business, is unique. Therefore, every coaching series is woven around your personal experience and your dreams, all the while staying deeply rooted in the core components of my philosophy.

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Business Mastery for Massage Therapists

The Inner Circle: A Business Accelerator for Massage Therapists

*FULL COURSE COMING SOON* A complete package to take your dream massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality. No matter where you are in your massage journey, we'll show you how to thrive as your own boss, how to market effectively in a digital world, and how to build a practice that aligns with your values. Cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur with The Inner Circle

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