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Grow a Practice that Fuels your Soul & Pocketbook

You CAN make a living doing massage. Taking the leap to private practice takes guts, gumption, perseverance and it's not always easy. I know you have what it takes. I believe that all women can cultivate the confidence and business savvy-ness necessary to grow a massage practice that gives them the freedom and lifestyle they desire.

The truth is, to grow a successful practice you need to be more than great massage therapist. It's not just about happy clients. In order to create dependable income month after month it's often the BUSINESS that needs improving. Cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur with the Business Accelerator offerings below. You started doing massage because you want to do something you love. Don’t let running your business burn you out.

Social media savviness

Social-Media Savviness ($19)

Get 30 days of social media posts to customize, share, and engage with your followers. Go from feeling invisible to getting seen and sought after with these social-media templates! You'll receive an instant, digital download inclusive of:

  • 15 full-color pages that walk you through how to choose a social media platform that resonates with you, my recommended tools to help create captivating posts and 30 days of social prompts all geared to the massage therapist
  • delivered instantly to your inbox in a PDF format

This is an instant, digital download.

Get 30 Days of Social Templates ($19)!

Business for Massage Therapists

Business mentorship for Massage Therapists ($497)

Move from feeling frazzled & overwhelmed to feeling confident & decisive about growing your practice Over the course of 90 days, we'll breath joy & levity into the "grind & hustle" of growing a practice. You'll gain a newfound sense of clarity as you gain a deeper understanding about marketing, financial and growth concepts; new-found confidence as you strengthen your entrepreneurial skills, transform limiting beliefs and challenge your "tech-timid" ideas. Coupled together, you'll be armed with a new tool chest to propel you forward on your business building journey.

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