We're in the relationship business.

At Vita, we believe that in order to thrive, we each need inspiration, community, structure, and guidance. In order to be the best practitioner possible, and to live vibrant and extraordinary lives, we must feel honored and empowered to be our most authentic self, even at 'work'. This is what Vita is all about!

Gone are the days being an employee for a massage company~ working hard but never gaining the autonomy you really desire. Gone are the days of being a 'lone-wolf,' hustling to build your private practice but never getting the traction you need for true growth, freedom and financial stability.

Vita Wellness Massage is HYBRID of these two typical scenarios. We blend the best of both of these worlds resulting in the one-of-a-kind Vita Coaching & Business-Building Program (VCBBP). Through our work together, you will learn how to hustle, how to elevate your game, crush the competition (together!), and how to win the hearts of all your clients. The VCBBP is fully encompassing, providing you with not only a vibrant community of hand-picked, talented and successful therapists (to bond, brainstorm & build with) but also, the business resources, tools, systems & strategies you need to create a thriving practice and life you love. Together, we're changing the world one massage at a time!

Is Vita For You?

Vita Wellness is best suited for massage therapists that:

  • are drawn to and inspired by Lomi Lomi massage (check out
  • are willing to make the investment of time, money and energy into themselves and into creating a practice and life they love
  • are committed and willing to hustle (building a practice takes TIME)
  • know the Massage Envy’s of the world are not for them
  • are interested in being a part of a collaborative community
  • are coachable
Deep Tissue Massage

The Vita Style:

Our Signature Table-Massage is a fusion of Lomi Lomi and Deep Massage. No “foo- foo” massage here ~ we want our clients feeling deeply relaxed but also totally “ironed out.” Vita Wellness is rooted in the principles and philosophy of Sacred Lomi, taught by master facilitators, Tom Cochran and Donna Jason. From their website:

"Beyond Traditional Massage – Sacred Lomi is taught with a deep understanding that we are each far more than our physical bodies. Our lives, our ancestry and our capacity to positively influence others, extends far beyond our conscious awareness. Through Lomilomi, we can offer compassion, aloha and transformation through sacred touch. Each member of our ‘ohana nui learns to be a portal of light – bringing more love and understanding to our collective home called earth."


  • Mondays: CLOSED
  • Tues-Sunday: 10am-8pm
  • 512-203-3656

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  • Windsong Business Park
  • 2111 Dickson Dr., Suite # 12
  • Austin, TX 78704