Business Mastery Coaching

for ambitious massage therapists

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Coaching is for you if

  • *you're feeling frustrated & not seeing your desired income
  • *you wish there was a simple way to grow a private practice
  • *you're willing to invest time, money & energy into growing a practice you love

Business Support That Feeds Your Soul & Pocketbook

Growing a massage practice that you can be proud of requires enormous focus, courage, and tenacity. If you're reading this you likely feel confident in your craft, however, the business foundation of your practice might not be as strong. As a result, you're not making a reliable income and you've even wondered if making a living doing massage is truly possible.

I'm here to tell you you CAN make a living doing massage. The truth is, to grow a successful practice you need to be more than great massage therapist. It's not just about happy clients. In order to create dependable income month after month it's often the BUSINESS that needs improving. Cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur with the Business Mastery coaching.You started doing massage because you want to do something you love. Don’t let running your business burn you out.

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