Corporate Wellness Ideas - Massage

Why Make Massage a Part of Your Workplace Wellness Program?

In today's modern workplace, employee benefits are almost as important as salary levels. With that in mind, many employers are rethinking their wellness benefits as a part of their company culture. In addition, more and more research is highlighting the impact that health and wellness have in the workplace. By giving your employees opportunities to relax and recharge, it can increase productivity and reduce turnover, all while strengthening your company's moral.

While traditional workplace wellness programs include things like health insurance and gym memberships, workplace massage is an added benefit that many companies are including, with good reason! Read on to learn a bit more about corporate massage programs, and the benefits they can have in your workplace.

What is Corporate Massage?

  • Corporate massage usually means chair-massage versus table massage. Usually, it involves massage therapist coming on-site to your workplace and providing a mobile chair massages during work hours. Employees can take a short 10-20 minutes break from the day to day grind and spend a few minutes relaxing and recharging before they get back to work. At Vita Wellness, our licensed massage therapist pay attention to postural stress areas that are common for someone working at a desk for 8 hours a day.

Benefits to the Employee

  • Massage is a powerful tool to help decrease and manage stress. Giving your employees a healthy way to manage their stress can have positive outcomes in both their personal and work lives. By alleviating stress, workers can often focus better and be more productive. On a more physical level, massage can improve the heart rate, blood pressure, and the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Corporate massage can also add value to the workplace, making it a place employees enjoy going to, which contributes to overall job satisfaction.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Not only is workplace massage beneficial to the employee, but the employer can also enjoy long-term benefits. One of the primary benefits is adding value to your business in the eyes of your employees. This can help you retain current employees, and also attract new and higher qualified individuals for future openings. Lowering stress in your employees also helps decrease workplace absences by boosting physical immunity, reducing sick days, and increasing mental wellness.

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