Why Creatives Need Massage

Why Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Working Moms Need Massage

At Vita Wellness, we have a variety of clients in many professions and stages of life. From creative professionals, busy entrepreneurs, to working mom's, our sole intention is to empower you to thrive in your life! Read on to see just some of the benefits of massage if you fall into one of these categories, and schedule your massage with one of our skilled Austin massage therapists online today!

1) Massages Work Wonders On Pain And Flexibility

Whether you're a hard-working entrepreneur sitting at your desk all day, or a mom bending down to pick up toys, most people deal with some sort of pain, stiffness, and flexibility issues. Standing for long periods creates muscle fatigue and joint swelling while holding awkward positions or weight loads, such as a baby on the hip, can create muscle strain and tension. Even smaller actions like holding pens and paintbrushes and performing computer work can lead to cramping, achy, and stressed necks, forearms, shoulders, and hands.

While oral anti-inflammatory medicines can provide temporary relief, relying on medicine every day can lead to unwanted side effects. Massage, on the other hand, is an all-natural painkiller without the risk of these unwanted side effects. In fact, one study actually found that bare-handed massages activate the same part of the brain as powerful opioids. No prescription necessary, and you get to specifically target your painful areas with massage.

Last but not least, massages can promote better flexibility over time. A five-week study published by the International Journal of Neuroscience found that just two massages for 30 minutes each decreased lower back stiffness and improved trunk flexibility.

2) Give Your Immunity A Boost With Massage

Whether you’re a mom constantly battling school germs, a businessman shaking hands and exchanging germ-ridden documents frequently, or a creative staying up all night to meet that project deadline, many lifestyle factors can lead to a weaker immune system. It's hard to care for your sick kids when you're under the weather yourself, be creative when your nose is pouring snot, or make the next big business deal when you’re sneezing all over investors. While avoidance is impossible, you can boost your immune system with a professional massage

Research shows that massage doesn’t just improve circulation volume; it actually changes the composition of it. A Swedish massage study showed that the deep, long strokes and kneading pushed blood to the heart for more efficient circulation and that the blood had higher levels of immunity-boosting and disease-preventing blood proteins afterward.

3) Reduce Stress Naturally

From screaming kids fighting over the last cookie, to the pressures of entrepreneurs and creative minds having to stay on top of their business endeavors, life is stressful. Stress isn’t only bad for your heart and mental health; it’s also one of the leading causes of migraines.

Again, medications to handle stress or pain comes with a host of unwanted side effects Countless research has shown that massage is an all-natural, immediate, and side effect-free method to reduce and/or eliminate the physiological markers of stress. Why? Massage improves circulation to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. It also decreases the amount of the cortisol stress chemical being released and floating around in the blood.

Meanwhile, studies have found that serotonin and dopamine (happy chemicals) increase by over 30% in the body during and after a massage. Creativity and mood improve as these happy chemicals increase in your body.

Migraines also tend to stem from holding tension in the neck. Massage has been shown to boost blood flow to the brain to ward off, decrease the intensity, and decrease the frequency of such headaches.

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