Workplace Mobile Massage

What's Included In Our Corporate Chair Massage Services

At Vita Wellness, we know the benefits of office chair massage, the positive effects they can have on office culture and employee's well-being. We also know that no two offices are alike, and that's why we create a customized office massage plan for every business we work with. We believe that a twenty-minute chair-massage can fit into virtually everyone's schedule, leaving your staff refreshed! Read on to learn what's included in our corporate massage chair services.

1.) A Stress-Busting Massage

If you’ve ever worked at a desk job, chances are you’ve felt the consequences of hunching over your computer screen all day. Add in work-related tension from deadlines, big projects, and coworkers, and you have a perfect recipe for a stressed out employee.

Our stress-busting massage focuses on tense areas that desk workers often have. We’ll work primarily on the shoulders, neck, and upper-back, focusing on tight and overworked muscles. By taking a break from the computer screen for just 15-30 minutes, we can help employees feel on their way to being more relaxed and focused at work.

2.) Customized Service Dates and Time

Whether you're interested in bringing a massage therapist to your office once a week, month, or once quarterly, we can work with your team's schedule to bring you an office massage at the right time. We can come in early, or stay late to make sure your employees have a chance to enjoy a stress-busting massage. Or, if you’re planning employee chair massages as part of an employee wellness day or special team appreciation event, we can work with you to make sure you have enough massage therapists for your needs.

3.) All Supplies Provided

We'll provide all the necessary supplies including a massage chair, relaxing tunes, and cleaning materials to wipe-down the chair after each use. All we need from you is a quiet place to set-up!

4.) Simple Online Scheduling

We'll send out a link for your employees to schedule their time slot before the date of our office chair massages so that they can choose what time works best for their schedule. That way they can book time on their calendars and make sure any meetings or calls won't get in the way of their relaxing massage.

5.) Secure E-Payment Options

Pay online securely and simply with our online payment portal. With online payments at your fingertips, you can easily pay and schedule our services months in advance.

6.) Professional, Vetted Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists are professionally trained and certified. They have experience working with office workers and know the specific stress and pain points that often come with working at a seated 9-5 job.

7.) Benefits to HR and Management Teams

Last but certainly not least, HR and management teams responsible for coordinating massages for their employees will get a big thumbs up and recognition from their teams. Bringing this #1 employee benefit into offices can be beneficial for HR and other employees alike!

Create Your Custom Office Massage Plan Today

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