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What does 'regular massage' really look like?

We've all heard the statement, "you'll see greater benefits with 'regular massage'" but what does that really mean? Some therapists will tell you to come back weekly, others say bi-weekly, once a month, so what gives? How can you decided what's best for you? The short and simple: Listen to your body. Each of us has our own rhythms so there's no one-way that fits all. If you're very active and/or live a high-paced life, getting a massage monthly can really help keep your stress-levels in check and your body "tuned-up"; if you're an athlete, in any way shape or form, weekly or bi-weekly massage can help you 'stay on top of your game'; if you've been recently injured from a car accident or from repetitive stress from using that mouse, you can see great improvement from a weekly massage. If you're that person like me, who's just committed to living a healthy & vibrant life, I go in for my 'regular massage' about every four-six weeks. I put myself in the category I call, Maintenance Massage. I go to de-stress, gain perspective and my regular massage keeps my body feeling flexible. Find what feels good for you and honor that! See ya in the studio.