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'Wellness-Wisdom' Series with Red Bird Pilates

Happy Holidaze Vita Tribe! Here are a few tips from your gals at RedBird to help you get through this busy and exciting season (and into the new year) as your most vital, healthy self!

  • Stress Management - You know the saying - “You should meditate for 20 minutes a day - unless you are too busy - then you should meditate for an hour.” Well, in my experience that holds true. The more hectic life is, the more important it is to carve out time to be still and practice self-care. There are lots of great apps that can help you get started in a meditation practice - like Calm and Headspace.

  • Convenience - Find a way of continuing to move that is both FUN and convenient for you. I love to run on Lady Bird Lake because the sunrise inspires me and it’s close to the studio. Find what fills you up but also fits into your schedule. I also use our online program to squeeze in workouts as I travel and when the day is too full to make it to class. We created our online program,, especially for busy seasons like this. We wanted a program that clients could do anywhere and on any devices because we know time is precious, and finding a program that can fit into a hectic day is essential. Vita tribe - you can get 30% off for your first year with the password RB360VIP30

  • Stay Rooted - In the hustle it can be easy to forget what the season is all about - love, family, creating time together. I often put an image as the home page of my phone that reminds me of important values I don’t want to forget as I get wrapped up in the hustle of life. Sometimes it is a picture of my family, other times it is a quote or mantra that means something to me, or an inspiring sunrise picture that reminds me of the power of the universe. During this season, I always put something that reminds me of my deepest intentions to show up as love and light for my family, my friends and myself through the holidays. Every time I look at my phone, I am brought back to that intention, and it helps me stay true to myself and grounded in my values.
  • Accountability - We don’t wake up every day with motivation, so we need a back-up plan. Find a partner, enroll in a movement class or enter into our #rb360onlinechallnge to post workouts and food prep for accountability. You can find more info about the challenge here. It’s not too late to join! Whatever option you choose, the important thing is that we are better together. Bringing people into your life who inspire you, encourage your growth and hold you accountable in moving towards your goals is a great way to live a better and bigger life. Start this holiday season to cultivate a community that supports and inspires you - and it can begin with something as simple as finding a workout buddy!

By: Elisabeth Kristof, Co-Founder of Red Bird Pilates

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