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'Wellness Wisdom' Series with PREP Dish

Top 3 ways to decrease stress through the holidays with PREP Dish

1) Be the person who shows up to the holiday party with a fun AND healthy snack, like these Grapes Rolled in Goat Cheese & Pistachios. Simple can be delicious. With minimal ingredients, Allison of Prep DISH, created this appetizer to pack a punch in flavor and satisfaction. The combination of creamy goat cheese and crunchy pistachios add richness to crisp and juicy grapes. Plus, talk about an easy appetizer to put together at the last minute. Add the final touches and this might be the tastiest Christmas tree you’ll find all season!

2) Set aside time each week to plan out your meals before you go grocery shopping.

3) Spend some time stocking your freezer with quick & easy meals, like this DELICIOUS grass-fed-beef lasagna . There is one dish that I make over and over for ALL of my personal chef clients- lasagna. It is easy to prep-ahead. And no one can tell that it’s gluten-free. This recipe is really about getting the technique down, which is super simple by the way. Once you’ve worked out how to layer feel free to play around with the ingredients.

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