Want to Grow Your Business? Strengthen Your Self-Care Rituals

As the business owner, your workday doesn't start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. From answering emails, working on your marketing and massaging, the hustle doesn't stop when you go home. Especially these days, when work and life blend together even more, it can be hard to take a step back and take care of yourself.

What you may not realize is that poor self-care habits are not only hurting you but also hurting the success of your business in the long run. Taking care of yourself can help you run your business in a way that inspires both personal success and business growth.

How Stress Affects Productivity

I ain't gonna lie- a little bit of stress (fire under the as*) can be helpful to motivate me to get stuff done. But according to the Yerkes-Dodson law, stress only helps productivity up to a certain point. After that sweet-spot, incremental stress diminishes productivity and impairs performance.

How I Keep My Stress In Check Throughout My Busy Day

  • Breath: Take a few moments and a few deep breaths in between clients, calls & (zoom) appointments
  • Aromatherapy: I turn on my diffuser for a "fresh" reset (I especially like peppermint)
  • Furry Friends: I don't have a pet these days, but I love watching sweet animal clips online for laughs
    • AFTER WORK BONUS: More Laughs- I LOVE watching a comedy special (recent watch: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)

How Sleep Affects Productivity

Another area to I pay attention to is my sleep quality. This was much harder in years previous living in both Texas & California however, now that I'm based full-time on the west coast, my sleep habits have improved immensely! Seriously, though, trying to run a business when you're constantly tired can result in poor business decisions and burnout, fast!

How I Improved My Quality of Sleep

  • Establish a nighttime routine: I typically go to bed between 10:30-11:30pm (and since I'm not salsa dancing till 2 in the morning during the week [thankscovid]- imagine the shift!)
  • Ditch the afternoon latte. Having caffeine later in the day keeps me up (now I don't even miss it!)
  • Make the bedroom comfortable. I've invested in a good mattress, pillow, and sheets that I love for ultimate cozy & comfort
  • Take a relaxing bath (cool weather fav)

How Movement Affects Productivity

I know I'm preaching to the choir here (mostly) but for those in the back (lol)! Regular exercise doesn't just have numerous health benefits - it can also affect performance. Regular movement helps me keep my creativity, learning, and judgment skills sharp and, it totally improves my mental health and mood.

How I Incorporate More Movement Into My Day

  • I've found an exercise I enjoy + I created a routine. I got a Pilates routine down! Now, I'll even put on The Home Edit while I workout ;)
  • Dance around the house: I'm committed to my virtual, weekly salsa lesson every Sunday afternoon
  • Swift walks in the neighborhood: fresh air does wonders for my brain
  • Clean! Even boring chores can get me up and moving

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