Time to Take Your Practice Online

Many business owners sit down on an annual basis to review the past year's success. An annual review is always a great practice to help you plan and make goals for the upcoming year. While 2020 was a struggle for businesses in many industries, especially ours, there are important lessons we can learn from this time - one of which is the importance of having an online strategy.

Growing your online presence can help you attract more clients, set up new revenue streams, and help improve your brand awareness. Here are a few ways to grow your business online in 2021.

Offer Online Consultations and Education

Offering online consultations and/or wellness education that supplements your in-person work is a great way to stay connected with your clients and disaster-proof your business. We must diversify our income streams! Creating online education can provide a safety net for your business for years to come.

Additionally, they are a value-add for your clients. You can bundle your online education with your current hands-on offerings for more robust packages which can provide support and care for your clients even when they leave your treatment room.

Not only can going online help you financially, but it also can help you build authority and trustworthiness. Online videos and courses highlight your expertise and are a great opportunity for you to show your personality and strengths to potential clients.

Here's some step-by-step instructions on how to offer virtual education to your massage clients.

Improve Your Online Presence

Growing your online presence is valuable because it strengthens the know, like and trust factor between you and your potential client. More than ever, social proof is one of the main ways folks determine if you are the right fit for them. Just think, how many times have you learned of a new business and immediately hopped online to check out their web presence?

You can increase your online presence in many different ways:

  • Use Social Media Wisely

There's no need to post just for the sake of posting- that's not what I'm talking about here. Creating a conscious social media strategy is a great discipline to cultivate so folks can get a current pulse on your business. This can help you build your social following and increase word-of-mouth. For example, consider using your social media to talk about specific topics or themes. You can then leverage this content by encouraging folks in your treatments space to check it out if it pertains to their treatment plan. Our Social Media Savviness guide teaches you how to create a strong social presence and comes with ready-to-use social media post templates.

  • Try A Paid Ad Campaign

If you have some cash in your marketing budget, a paid ad campaign can help you bring more visitors to your website, fast. With FB Ads and Google Ads you can target specific audiences in your local area. You can target specific Google searches and show paid ads to people who are interested in your massage services in your local area.

3. Invest In Your Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization consists of many online marketing strategies meant to attract more search engine users to your website organically.

If you're just getting started with SEO, first make sure your website is up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and built with SEO in mind. That means having informative content, an easy-to-use website structure, and optimized meta-data to help Google know what your website is all about.

If that previous paragraph didn't make much sense, Google provides a handy SEO Starters Guide that you can read to learn more about how to structure your website for SEO Success.

4. Get More Online Reviews

Having positive online reviews is an important part of building your local online presence. By asking your clients to leave you a review on Google, you can build your trustworthiness and improve your local search results. Make it easy for your clientele to review you too- and any links to your business in your email signature and any automated session reminders and follow-up emails.

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