Okay okay...a cute puppy is not the key to your massage success. But seriously, in relation to massage, when was the last time you considered your definition of success ?

Usually, when we really take the time to go through this exercise our responses are more developed and refined. Common responses often include:

  • Wanting more time and flexibility to spend with our family, friends and on our other passion-projects
  • Wanting the massage practice to be booked consistently at least a few weeks in advance
  • Wanting our income to be reliable and support our lifestyle

Every one of those goals is possible and attainable!

When I personally defined success, I had some of these EXACT goals. And what I realized was, for me to go from frazzled & overwhelmed to confidently working towards my goals, I had to get focused on strengthening my business savviness. Reaching my goals was not about becoming a better massage therapist. Reaching my goals was about becoming a better business woman.

The secret to growing a successful massage practice is to understand the Four-Core Business Fundamentals:

  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Systems
  • Growth Strategy

Seriously. That's it.

I know, I know. There's nothing sexy about boring-ole-fundamentals. But believe me. The greater understanding you have of these fundamentals, the better equipped you'll be to make decisions swiftly and confidently. You'll have greater direction and you'll feel more in control of your future. Slowly but surely, you'll start making the kind of money you can count on.

Still don't believe me? Here's a quick exercise:

  • Concerned about how to get more clients? Develop a better understanding of the power of Marketing not just promotion
  • Wondering if you should leave the spa? You'll find your answer with a better grasp of Financial Management
  • Tired of sending confirmation texts to your clients? That troublesome chore can be fixed and finished using a simple business System
  • Want to learn a new modality to increase business? Not a problem. You'll expand your business in no time if the modality is a part of an overall Growth Strategy

The truth is, to grow a successful massage practice, you have to be more than a GREAT massage therapist. It's not just about happy clients. In order to create dependable income, it's often the BUSINESS that needs improving.

In the coming days, consider what you know about each of these business fundamentals. No need to become disillusioned or overwhelmed. In time, everything will make better sense and put you squarely on the road to success.

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