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The Power of a Client Newsletter

As a massage practice owner, you're used to communicating with your clients on a regular basis. Whether it’s making sure the pressure is right for their massage, or catching up with them before or after their session, part of your job is making a personal connection with anyone who walks through your door. But with COVID shutting down massage practices all over the nation, these in-person moments are now harder to come by.

An email newsletter can be a great way to keep your connections strong even when you and your clients can't meet face-to-face. Read on to learn more about how to craft an email newsletter that your audience will be excited to open.

Provide Value

Make sure to provide something of value in each newsletter you send. For example, healthy habit tips, a link to your new favorite recipe, or a link to a free online yoga routine that you've been enjoying are all ways to bring value to your readers without having to spend money. If you're able, you could also send coupon codes or specials when you're able to see people in person, which may encourage them to book an appointment.

Have One Main Ask or Intention

Keep your email short, and avoid asking your readers for too many things at once. Having one CTA (call to action) per email is key. The more you're asking your readers to do, the more likely they won't take action. Whether you're asking for donations for the studio, encouraging readers to buy a massage package, or promoting a webinar sign-up, stick to one main message for each email.

Get A Little Personal

A newsletter is a great opportunity to share other sides of your personality (besides your massage hat). What books are you reading? What’s your favorite drink this month? What TV show are you binging? Take time to personalize and connect by sharing what keeps you going during your time away from your practice.

Keep it Regular

Sending out your newsletter with regularity- some folks send out an email weekly; others, once a month. Find your “regular” and connect with your community with consistency.

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