Deep Massage Austin

The Deal with Deep: Deep Tissue vs. Deep Pressure

Many people use the terms “deep tissue” and “deep pressure” interchangeably when they talk about their massage preferences. The two techniques, however, are quite different and have very distinct goals.

Deep tissue massage is also known as clinical massage and has a very specific purpose. It involves using focused pressure to directly manipulate tissue fibers to help muscle or connective tissue that has been injured or otherwise compromised. It is used to break up scar tissue, release adhesions where muscle or tissue layers have stuck together, or separate muscle fibers that have become chronically tight and dense. Deep tissue can be very intense, even painful at times.

Deep {pressure} massage is similar to a swedish massage but with a higher level of overall pressure. This form of bodywork encourages the muscles to release, eases general aches and pains, and activates the body's systems. Deeper pressure is also needed simply to access the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. This type of massage does not tend to focus on one specific area but rather treats the whole body and is effective at targeting general stress and tension from everyday work and life issues.

At Vita Wellness, all our therapists are trained in deep massage. If you are interested in deep tissue massage specifically to treat an injury or chronic pain issues, please contact us directly and we can connect you with the appropriate Vita massage therapist.