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Reiki Treatment

Specialty Service: Reiki

I first got into Reiki after having experienced it myself in 2007. It was very different than anything I had experienced and, frankly, I wasn’t at a point in my life where abstract ideas like, ‘Chakra’s’ or ‘Universal Energy,’ was something I even used in my vocabulary. However, the session I had was incredibly relaxing, uplifting and enlightening; it turns out that I too would be become a practitioner. A Reiki practitioner is best explained as a conduit for positive, healing energy, or chi/prana; we help people feel energetically aligned. Reiki encourages self-healing and most people say they feel “light,” or like they’ve “expanded” after a treatment. This modality is safe for everyone; the client wears clothes on the table and should plan on being able to take it easy for at least an hour or two after the treatment. As a disclaimer, Reiki does not replace a doctor’s care for serious conditions. I have seen people with a variety of ailments who found that Reiki helped them, including: cancer patients, women wanting to become pregnant, sufferers of migraines, depression, anxiety or addiction recovery. I have even had people wanting me to use Reiki on their animals and infants, so it is safe for just about all creatures!