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Sarah - Austin Massage Therapist

My Journey With Massage - Sarah B.

I can’t say that massage therapy was something that called to me early in life. As a child I wanted to be everything from a vet, ballerina, soccer player, computer engineer...the list goes on. What eventually came to fruition was Communications, Human Resources and Public Relations - obviously not on the list, but interesting and challenging nonetheless. After a five year career in Corpus Christi I realized that although I had grown a lot professionally and felt comfortable financially, there was something missing from my life; was this going to be my story for the next 40 years?

During my time in Corpus I also went through a life-changing 200-hour yoga teacher training. Over those nine months I healed wounds that ran deep and found a confidence within myself that continues to grow to this day. Every time I teach a class, it feels right. So, I made a huge decision to leave my corporate job, sell all my personal belongings, and move to Costa Rica for a volunteer yoga gig at the Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa. During that time I taught yoga, wrote for several websites, practiced photography, traveled the country interviewing studios and really explored what I wanted my life to look like.

Fast forward to 2016, I’ve finally manifested the life that I saw in my mind in 2014. Massage therapy was the next step to expanding my knowledge on how to guide others toward healing and loving their bodies. I needed a deeper understanding of anatomy, pathology and kinesiology. Lauterstein-Conway not only brought knowledge, but they also gave me my tribe here in Austin; a lively group of individuals who helped me through times of self-doubt and celebrated each other triumphs. I was reminded that we are all a work in progress!

Why do I think people need massage and yoga in their lives? Before I started doing receiving massage and practicing yoga, my body was in pain pretty much 24/7. I suffered from bursitis in my shoulder, a slow gallbladder and consistent hip pain. At times this pain put me in a very dark place, I was tired of hurting whether sitting or being active and just didn’t feel like I could handle one more day in my body. I personally know the importance of regular body work and making time for personal wellness; I don’t think I could have made it through the past few years without it. In addition, in our “busy” world of email, text messages, Facebook and being in constant contact, massage and yoga helps guide me back to my body, mind and the peace that might be escaping me day in and day out. It is a journey. I want to help guide my clients down the path of healing and feeling connected to their bodies. I truly believe the client does most of the work… I just point them in the right direction!

My favorite type of clients come in all shapes, sizes and personalities but I especially love pregnancy massage, stressed out corporate employees and humans looking for that quiet hour in their day that is all theirs.