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Lisa - Austin Massage Therapist

My Journey With Massage - Lisa S.

When I started my journey with massage it was really about self-care and self-discovery. I had been working as a hair colorist with my own salon for over 20 years and it was a wonderful career. I was able to connect with all kinds of interesting people, be creative, and make people feel great! But after those 20 years, I was feeling stagnant in my career. My son was growing up and I was about to have an empty nest. My parents were aging and having health problems. I was also having all the changes happening in my own body as I was nearing 40. I needed something to engage my brain and my body in a different way. I hadn't been in school since I was a teenager, so I felt quite anxious about it.

Well, I thrived in massage school! Learning about the human body and all its workings while I went through healing myself was exactly what I required on all levels to discover a fulfilling path. I found that, while giving and receiving regular bodywork, I became more aware of my body. It affected not only my physical self but my mind and emotions as well. I had had these experiences receiving massage, but I had no idea I could have a similar experience giving massage. The power of touch is magical no matter what side you are on. In my salon, I had always found great joy in helping people feel better about themselves. I've seen that massage has just as deep an effect on the psyche and wellness as a visible change. The transition to massage therapy seemed natural me and I am not only grateful for the new work I love, but I also feel empowered by making a life change in my career.