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My Journey With Massage - Leslie Nichols

I didn't set out to be a massage therapist; I was a year into my masters to become a teacher. My dad was in a terrible accident and we took care of him full time for about 6-8 months. Soon after, I was pregnant with my first son and I changed my mind about being an elementary school teacher. Deciding to go to massage school came after I questioned the universe of what I should do. It was a calling that seemed almost natural; my parents always had me rubbing their neck, shoulders, temples. A surprising realization during massage school was discovering how much I loved learning about the human body! The school I attended had intense clinical courses where we focused heavily on kinesiology, which took quite a bit of studying; low and behold, I loved it. That is part of what drives me now, the healing of the body through massage and technique. No two people are built the same, no two people heal the same way and I enjoy figuring out what it takes to help someone. The most valuable lesson I've learned as a therapist is to listen. Listening to the client with my ears as well as my hands and intuition.

Having a variety of modalities to chose from helps me hone in on the personalization of the treatment. My favorites are incorporating Thai Yoga, Sports, Myo Fascial and Cranial into traditional Swedish techniques. I also offer Reiki as a separate treatment, and when people feel incredible after those sessions, feeling shifted, lighter, more calm, it makes me feel grateful to have been able to facilitate that for them.