Hannah Ice-Cook, LMT

My Journey with Massage - Hannah Ice-Cook

As a college undergrad, I took my first step towards my bodywork journey. I switched majors from psychology to dance—deciding that I wanted to spend the remainder of my college years doing what I loved.

Upon graduation, I ended up getting hired as a ballet and jazz instructor at a small studio in Minnesota. There, I met lots of dancers and dance instructors who were also massage therapists. I began to think about the courses I took as an undergraduate—kinesiology, anatomy, dance technique—and saw the correlation between dance and massage therapy. I kept this idea in the back of my head—laying it out as a potential future option.

In 2015, I moved to Austin, Texas. I was working as a therapeutic childcare specialist at a residential treatment center for children suffering from complex trauma. There, I saw firsthand the benefits of sensory input and safe, nurturing touch. I saw how the kids would be able to regulate their emotions with the right type of therapeutic communication, a calming environment, and forms of relaxation.

From this point, I pulled out the idea again of becoming a massage therapist—I decided to research programs and get serious about making the idea a reality. I applied to the Lauterstein Conway Massage School and, a month later, I was starting classes and was on track to becoming a massage therapist. Massage therapy has played a big role in my life now. I love working with clients who are open to new modalities and who value the importance of self-care. I am a big believer in what massage can do for people, and I am honored to be a part of individual’s self-care regimen.