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My Journey With Massage - Dylan Gaither

I started massaging around five years old, seriously; chair massage (rubbing my moms shoulders and back), and ashiatsu (walking on my moms back, arms, hands). She was the first person to tell me I should be a massage therapist. Thirty years later, after hearing that from countless people throughout my life, I found myself in a transitional phase. I quit the bar managing job I'd had for seven years and took a few months off. Within the first few weeks I decided to go to massage school like so many people had encouraged...just to challenge myself. I'd felt stuck for too long. I wanted a change. I needed a change. I decided to put myself in a situation where I'd have to. It was challenging and rewarding. I learned so much about the human body! I think everyone should go to massage school. It's an education and experience you don't get anywhere else.

Massage is like meditation to me. Or an art, for both the giver and receiver. As an art form for the giver, I think of it similar to martial arts. You learn techniques and you practice them. You focus on them, and breathing, and movement/ body mechanics, the sensation of touch/ feeling being your teacher and muse. Until you find yourself not having to focus on them because you get to a place that is meditation and the art 'happens' and flows. Each massage is unique and constantly changing, growing. Instead of a martial art it is a healing art.

For the receiver it is an art form as well, just as dance or music, except, instead of seeing or hearing it, you feel it. You lose your sense of sight and taste, smell and sound become secondary and almost unnoticed because you're engulfed in the tactile and visceral experience.... perhaps attaining a state of meditation. Each individual is able to connect with another person and reconnect with themselves.

The craft of massage is lifelong journey. It's such a beautiful thing! I'm glad to be on it and fully embrace all that it is providing and will continue to reveal .