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My Journey with (Lomi Lomi) Massage

People ask me how I got into massage and I tell them (at the risk of sounding corny), 'I was called'. See, I don't really remember the 'how' I got there. I just remember that once I got there, I knew I needed to stay. Of course, in hindsight, massage school was really all about my own personal growth. Sure, I had vision, and I was inspired to, one day, have my own private practice. But my biggest lesson from school was not how to build a business but rather, how disconnected I was from my body and frankly, my entire life! I was checked out on every physical , emotional & spiritual level possible. By receiving regular massage, hands down, my relationship with my body shifted drastically- my (body) awareness heighted, I tapped into my feelings (the rainbow of emotions, not just happy and ragefull) and I began to listen to my body in new and different ways.

Eventually, Lomi Lomi Massage found me.

I was newly certified as a massage therapist when I was referred to a practitioner named Lisa N.. Long story short, I received many Lomi Lomi sessions from her. I was moved beyond measure with my experience of this form of bodywork. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced- I always felt incredibly safe, nurtured and unconditionally loved in Lisa’s presence. After years of being her client, our relationship transitioned and she began to mentor me as a massage therapist. Naturally, I was curious to learn more about Lomi Lomi and how to bring this Aloha into my own sessions.

Over time, I began to realize that my entire worldview was shifting! I became a firm believer in my ability, our ability, to tune in, and regain, or strengthen, body awareness and as a result, have the energy and capacity to create a fulfilling life! Massage has been the vehicle for me to do just that! I was inspired to share this with others and Vita Wellness Massage was born.

See, for me, massage, is not just about 'working out the pain in the neck', it’s about the ever evolving relationship with my body- how am I feeling, now, today and the next. It’s continually shifting and massage offers me the opportunity, time & space to listen, deeply, to what my body is telling me.