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Massage Is Just My Thing

Man {or woman}! I love me some massage! and I absolutely LOVE being in my body today~feeling all the many feels of emotions and physical responses/reactions that result from living in this world. I'm not saying this is an easy 'job' but, I gotta tell ya, it's worth it and really, I owe this way of being to massage. Bodywork has 'made me this way' ~ Massage is totally my thing. As I'm sure you're well aware, dear reader, there are a ton of incredible modalities and health & wellness tips and tricks out there, all promising to change the way you feel...and fast. I've tried a lot of them and love many of those tools too, like acupuncture and chiropractic care, supplements, you name it, I've tried it. But, for me, there is nothing like receiving massage. My body responds remarkably well to massage. For all the obvious reasons, it helps me physically, by keeping my body flexible, helping me to, literally, move easy. Being so physically active, dancing, Pilates, cycling, I need my muscles "ironed out" and flushed out to stay healthy. Massage also helps me emotionally. It helps me ground, connect and process emotions-all the many of them. In fact, when I first started receiving massage regularly, I would often times come home after a session and cry for a good hour, as I let the emotion, that was stirred up from the massage, move out of my being. It's as if I need that physical coaxing or rather, 'smooshing' as I like to call it, of massaging the muscles, to fully allow and express my emotional self. This, however, is nothing, new. There is a lot of research and writing these days on the physical and emotional connection of our bodies, how we store trauma in our bodies and how bodywork can help release us from those patterns. A couple of my favorite books that talk about this connection is Wise Secrets of Aloha by Harry Uhane Jim and BodyMind by Ken Dychtwal. Easy, fascinating and inspiring reads discussing the powerful connection between our emotional and physical selves. It's no wonder I went on to build this business~ all outta my love for the power of professional, compassionate touch; the power of massage.