pregnancy massage

Massage for All of Life's Major Moments: Pregnancy Massage

As an expectant mother, you're likely focused on providing the best environment that you can for your baby to grow. You’re probably also researching how to navigate your pregnancy in the healthiest ways. While certain choices like not smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy are well-known, another factor that has recently come to attention for many mothers and scientists is the impact stress can have on the body during pregnancy. One way to relieve stress during pregnancy is through prenatal massage. Learn more about this type of massage, and contact Vita Wellness today to set up your appointment!

How Massage Can Help

While it's important to talk to your doctor to talk about all the ways to manage your stress, a holistic way to relieve stress is through professional prenatal massage. For years, research has shown the benefits of receiving a massage and how it can positively impact the body. For pregnant mothers, it can actually help encourage blood flow and lymph circulation to ease joint pain and other discomforts you may feel. After all, as the baby grows, as does the disproportionate weight on your body. This places stress on your joints and back, which can create a great deal of consistent pain. This massage technique eases that discomfort and allows your body to heal itself. They can also help with headaches, migraines, swelling, leg cramps, and promote an improved overall sense of wellbeing. .

Look for practitioners who have an experienced hand in pregnancy massage. They'll ensure that you are positioned comfortably in a way that doesn't harm the body and allows you to receive the full benefits of a massage. Extra pillows and support can be used to make sure you’re in the most comfortable position. Experienced practitioners understand that different trimesters require different massage techniques, and they are equipped with the knowledge to put in place the method that best suits you.

With the relaxing and healing touch of this massage technique, you can find relief for the pain often associated with pregnancy. Let Vita support you during your transition to motherhood through our prenatal massage offerings. Relax and unwind for sixty minutes, where we'll pay attention to your back, neck, arms & legs incorporating a variety of relaxation techniques. Our sole intention is to empower you to thrive, and we can't wait to help you through this magical time in your life.