About Our Online Marketing Course for Massage Therapists

Marketing Your Practice Got You Down?

Looking for ways to level-up your massage practice? There are plenty of actions you can take to work on your business (even during social distancing).

A great way to focus on your practice while your doors are shut is continuing your education through online courses. At Vita Wellness, we offer a variety of online business courses for massage therapists that can help you cultivate the confidence you need to think like an entrepreneur and grow your client list.

Why Marketing Matters

Our self-paced Business Accelerator: Marketing Course is a great resource for any massage therapist who need help understanding what marketing a massage practice looks like.Marketing matters because it helps you keep customers, and attract new ones. After all, the key to growing a business is growing and retaining the number of people using {and loving} your product/service.

Many people think that marketing is limited to promotion but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While your marketing plan may include promotion, it is certainly not just limited to how you promote yourself. Marketing includes all the strategies used to create, keep and satisfy your customers and includes, People, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Each of these plays an important role in creating your overall marketing strategy.

You may already be dabbling in promoting your practice through social media posts, referral programs, or online marketing. But are your marketing efforts based off of a strategic plan? And how are you measuring the success of your marketing? Having a solid marketing strategy and an understanding of how each piece works together is an important part of any marketing campaign.

About Our Business Accelerator: Marketing Course

The Business Accelerator: Marketing, is a self-paced online course so you can take your dream massage practice from disjointed ideas to a well-executed reality. You'll be guided, step-by-step, from frazzled & overwhelmed to feeling confident & decisive about marketing your massage practice.

Through the self-paced business course, you’ll learn the purpose of a marketing mix and how to create your own personalized mix to fit your unique practice. More importantly, you’ll deepen your understanding of how each piece of the marketing mix works together to keep your calendar booked and your income reliable. You’ll come to understand how powerful a solid and deeply understood marketing mix strengthens and energizes your massage practice like nothing else can

Our online, self-paced marketing course was created with massage therapists in mind. You'll dive deep into what a marketing mix is and learn how to create a strategy to promote your unique massage business.

Through step by step instruction, you'll nail your niche, declare your specialty, price your services and create an attainable promotion plan for your unique practice. You’ll also learn how to cultivate a mindset for growth, and how to break through any fear that's holding you back.

Start Crafting Your Marketing Strategy

Now's the time to prepare your practice for success. Use this time to your advantage, and start marketing your massage practice now so that your schedule is booked when you're able to re-open. Get massage business-building tips here.