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March Community-Connection: Laura Jack

What Makes Laura Jack shine: Laura Jack is a trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute® and Mastery Level Transformational Life Coach. Using practices of self-care and self-love she helps people rediscover their light after loss. Laura’s mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion, starting with self, and to create a better understanding about loss and its accompanying grief.

She loves connecting deeply with people who have experienced loss and who want to thrive again. Laura loves writing and connecting with people who are looking for help.

Losing her mom in 2008 led her where she is today and she feels lucky that she gets to honor her each day with her work. "I have to admit, I feel closer to mom now that I am thriving than I ever did when I was pretending to be fine. As hard and crazy as it is sometimes, I love life."

When she's not trying to build a more compassionate world, you can find her playing with her friends and family, walking the trails in Austin, or planning her next trip. Laura leads by example and thriving is the name of her game. Check out her stories, tips, and inspiration on life at clicking here.

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