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Major Life Moments: Benefits of Massage for Expecting Mamas

If you’re expecting, your body is going through a lot of changes. Regardless of what trimester you’re in, you’re probably starting to notice new and different body sensations, aches and even pains.

In addition to physical body stressors, you’re also having to manage the mental stress of adjusting to such a big life change. Pregnancy presents you with a new reality which may require you to make adjustments to your external circumstances and plan for the future in a whole new way.

During this time of transition, prenatal massage can serve as a nourishing activity to aid your body and mind as you go through what is a beautiful yet sometimes challenging metamorphosis. Here are some of the main ways massage can benefit you:

Massage can help you feel more in-tune with your changing body.

Massage connects you more fully to your body through your sense of touch, providing a grounding experience that can give you insight into and acceptance about how your body is changing. When you feel more in tune with your body, you’ll also be more in tune with what you need, leading to overall better self-care—both on and off the massage table. For example, noting places along your body that feel tight can alert you to a need for gentle stretching, and places along your body that feel tired or fatigued can alert you to a need for more rest.

Massage can alleviate aches, pains and discomfort.

Receiving massage during pregnancy comes with a whole host of physical benefits—it can ease muscle aches, alleviate nerve pain, reduce swelling, and even improve the chances of having a shorter labor with a reduced need for pain medication. Some common pains during pregnancy that massage can treat include hip pain, upper and lower back pain, and leg cramps.

As a bonus, massage can also promote better sleep through a combination of pain reduction and increased relaxation.

Massage provides “me time” and helps alleviate stress.

Feeling some degree of stress or anxiety during such a pivotal time in your life is a expected. Getting a massage provides an opportunity to disconnect from the pressures of the world around you and reconnect with yourself for some much-needed TLC. Research shows that massage decreases levels of stress-causing cortisol in the body and increases feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine—the perfect antidote for both the blues and physical discomfort you may be experiencing during this time.

You may be feeling shy or insecure about your body as it’s changing, but compassionate, skillful touch is a powerful way to turn your time of pregnancy into the best experience it can possibly be. A skilled massage therapist will create a judgment-free zones and take the time to make your session as safe, comfortable, and customized as possible.

Of course, always make sure to consult with your doctor first before undergoing massage during pregnancy.

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