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January Community-Connection: Lauren Hubele

What Makes Lauren shine: Lauren Hubele is an Austin based practitioner pioneering a unique method of healing in the United States that integrates Gemmotherapy Extracts, Homeopathy, and a Plant Based Diet. Her method was developed over years of study and collaboration with European physicians and researchers who specialize in the use of these therapies.

Lauren teaches the four stages of healing, The Hubele Method to practitioners of all modalities in the U.S and Europe. Her approach offers practitioners a clear and linear path to follow giving them tools to break thru cases that have failed to respond or aggravate with the slightest intervention.

Lauren and her family have led a plant based lifestyle for years and she has personally experienced its power to open elimination and detoxify organ tissue. She enthusiastically coaches her clients and practitioners on the first steps towards plant based eating.Although Lauren's practice is in Austin she works with clients across the country and abroad particularly in the areas of menstrual irregularities, fertility, ADD/Austism, and drug free family health.