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Ariana , a massage therapist in Austin

How Has Massage Helped You Love Your Body?

Practicing and receiving massage encourages me to be aware of my body and the connection my mind plays in its wellness. It has shown me how important it is to feel nurtured, and it has helped me immensely in making room for practicing self-love.

Massage has made me aware of the scope of power my body has, how incredible it can be on its own, how my care for it impacts its abilities, and how my neglecting of it just gets in the way of its grand plan to keep me going through life. I, too, used to not take care of my body-sometimes out of carelessness and sometimes on purpose. My feelings towards my body resembled those towards a new rental apartment; a place you aren't comfortable in yet and aren't quite sure of its quirks, if you want to settle into it or just get by, not decorating or rearranging too many times because you'll just be leaving soon anyway. I felt like my body was this extra 'thing' I had to manage and be so responsible about taking care of, and it felt like too much to handle.

Now, I realize that my body generally wants to be well. It is resilient and it is always trying to keep me alive. My body takes care of me, so I take care of her and I love her the best I can.