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Fit & Fab: Benefits of Massage for Yoga, Pilates & Dance Enthusiasts

If you’re a dancer or you participate in yoga or Pilates, you’re already on the right track to taking care of your mind and body. These activities promote wellness through conscious, expressive movements, and strengthen muscles helping you to feel stronger, more flexible and more connected to your body.

The possible stiffness and soreness that can result after a “good” workout can be alleviated with massage. Complimenting your movement therapy with monthly massage is a great way to keep your body supply and in alignment keeping all you dance, yoga, and Pilates enthusiasts feeling great and moving with ease.

Here are just a few ways massage can help support your body so you can get the most out of your dancing, yoga or Pilates routine.

Connects You to Your Body

Massage can help you slow down and connect more fully with your body, and feel more grounded connected to your senses after a session. You can take this enhanced mind-body connection into your dance/Pilates/yoga practice and use it to heighten the experience for even greater, longer-lasting benefits.

Aids in Your Body’s Recovery

Injuries are no fun. Massage can help aid your recovery and reduce the amount of time you’ll need to “sit it out.” Whether you tweaked a muscle in your new dance routine or while trying a brave new yoga move, massage can help relieve muscle pain and discomfort by relieving tension, promoting circulation, and reducing inflammation in the affected area. Research confirms this—according to a study from McMaster University, “massage speeds up muscle healing by activating molecules that reduce inflammation and promote mitochondrial growth.”

Helps You Honor and Appreciate Your Body

Massage helps you gain an appreciation for and embrace your body by deepening the experience you have to feeling, sensing, and acknowledging how the different areas of your body help you perform certain activities every day. Being frustrated with or “against” your body during a massage is, well, nearly impossible. And if you're doing Pilates, yoga, or dance as part of a weight loss routine, massage can be a great add-in to nurture and love yourself, no matter where you’re at on your journey.

Massage therapy is a great way to supplement your body as a dancer, yogi, or Pilates enthusiast by helping you connect more deeply, recover faster, and feel your best. If you’re looking for a massage therapist in Austin, look no further than Vita Wellness. Right now, you can get $25 off your first hour with the new client special.