Vita Wellness Massage in Austin
Finding Your Austin Massage Therapist

Finding Your Massage Therapist

Receiving bodywork is so important, and that goes for us therapists too! I've recently had the pleasure of receiving from nearly all of the therapists in our tribe, and each session blew me away. As I floated up from the table, each time with blissfully blurry vision and a slur of "that was ahhhh­mazing", I realized that not even half of the massage I've received in the past left me feeling such a way. Massage is great, but a great massage will change your life! All of us at Vita love what we do and we want you to love the work you receive.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of throwing 'shoulds' around, but I'd love to share these ones with you in hopes that they will help you find a massage therapist that suites you best and as a result, you'll be able to experience each massage to the fullest. Take them or leave them, of course!

If you regularly receive bodywork, I really hope that these points roll off your back with no surprise. If you've received little or none, you should have confidence in your expectation of such things:

  • You should feel comfortable with your therapist
  • You should feel safeYou should feel cared for
  • You should feel like your time is YOUR time
  • You should feel that you can ask for what you need

Sure, there might be awkward moments at first ­ we are human after all, and some of us therapists get so into the flow of communicating with our hands that we forget how to communicate with words (then again, maybe that's just me). In general, though, your sessions and the relationship between you and your therapist should feel professional and nurturing.

If you're unable to relax for your session, there could be many causes. Maybe you're feeling extra vulnerable today, maybe you're just extra stressed out with all of the many life things going on, maybe you need more pressure, maybe the music is distracting, maybe you're feeling self-conscious, maybe you haven't received much massage and your mind is racing with questions. Maybe, maybe, maybe. There are a million 'maybes' and they are all valid. Know that you can make suggestions to achieve total relaxation in your sessions. In fact, I encourage it!

Each person is very different. Th at goes for both, you and your therapist. If, over time, you're realizing that you do not leave your sessions feeling great­ you may want to try a new therapist. Each practitioner has a different arsenal of knowledge and trainings, as well as a personal variation to common forms of massage. There should never be any hard feelings if this realization is made, either. You know your body best and it's important that you honor its' needs by finding someone who can support you to feel your best!

You may have found yourself a well­-suited therapist if:

  • You feel honored and safe in their presence
  • You feel that you can 'come as you are' without judgment
  • You feel that your session time is focused on you, and only you
  • You feel supported in expressing your needs for each session and asking questions
  • You generally feel amazing after receiving their work

We all have our days where relaxation just isn't happening but, more often than not, that should not be the case. You deserve to feel your best and we want that for you! So go ahead­ if you already know totally zens you out or leaves you feeling revitalized, express these things to your therapist and see what they can do with that information. If you aren't sure, it's never too late to find out. Massage is not a one­size­fits­all, so explore your options and find what fits you.

We are so lucky to have an amazing tribe of therapists at Vita­ each with their own style, but all with so much heart and skill. If you've yet to find your perfect therapist, you just might find them (or maybe a few favorites) here. We look forward to working with you!