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Kim Love's Food Discovery Process

Feb. Community Connections: Kim Love's Food Discovery Process

What Makes This Process Shine?

Kim Love's Food Discovery Process guides you to your own Inner Expertise, to finally discover once and for all, exactly what food is at the root of dis-ease in your life.

Past clients who have personalized their diet using her proven method with coaching, have created elevated energy levels; decreases in bloating and digestive challenges; reduction of chronic pain (yes, so often it's inflammation triggered from a food); and a body that finally releases all it's been holding, via extra weight.

When we focus on the foods that elevate us and uncover and remove the ones that have been holding us back, the weight comes off with ease.

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About the Founder: KIM LOVE

Once upon a time, I lived life unwell. Despite being trained as a nutritionist and eating "healthy", I lived with bloating, low energy, brain fog and a host of health issues, eventually culminating in a year-long fever. Spending $20K on doctors didn't provide an answer. I knew food played a monumental role so I tried diet after diet - vegetarian, cleanse, macrobiotic, raw - yet I was none the wiser as to what my body truly needed to thrive. I was simply confused. Sound familiar...?

So I put myself on another diet but this time I asked the right questions, of my own body and mind, and the answers I found forever changed my life. Fevers disappeared. Life long IBS was gone. Energy returned. Any my passion was ignited.

A friend who witnessed my journey asked me to help him. He told a friend, a prominent CEO in town, and so it went. The word spread, initially within the CEO community, before I realized - Hey, this passion is a mission! - a mission to help people discover their unique food-answers to what ails, energizes, and rejuvenates them.

Seven years later this method has been perfected and proven, with tools to help tens of thousands personalize their diets and live life at their very best.